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The present site has been created from the company under the name “MARMOR SG Société Anonyme Processing of Marble and Granite” and the distinctive title «Stone Group International», seated in Kavalari Thessaloniki, with e-mail address info@stonegroup.gr (hereinafter: the Company), who is also the site’s administrator.

The use of the site ‘www.stonegrοup.gr’ is governed by the present general terms, which the visitors/ users are asked to read carefully since the use of the site leads to their unreserved acceptance. In case the visitor/user does not agree with the terms of the present, the visitor/user should not use the services and access the content of the site.

The present terms of use shall be revised and updated at any time without any prior notice. The visitor/user is kindly asked to check from time to time the terms of use of the site since the regular use of the site means acceptance of each revised version.

1. Registration

There is no need to log in in order to browse the site. All our services are provided via simply browsing without personalized registration (log in).

2. Intellectual and Industrial Property

The software, the source code, the database and the design as well as the whole content of the present site, that indicatively includes texts, graphic design, photos, video, sounds, logos, trademarks etc (hereinafter the content) constitute intellectual property of the Company and are protected as such by the applicable national, european and international law.

The content of the site is available to the visitor/user/client for personal use and is subject to changes without any prior notice from the Company. In order for any other use on behalf of a visitor/user a prior written license of the Company is required.

Every visitor/ user/ client of the site is strictly prohibited to sell, copy, reproduce, transmit in any manner the content of the site, acting generally against the present terms.

For any question or problem that arises in relation to the rights of reproducing any part of the content of the present site as well as for any requests for a license to reproduce the content of the site, the visitor/user shall communicate with us at the email address marketing@stonegroup.gr

3. Links

The site might, amongst others, provide links to the third-party sites, who have the total control for the content that they post and consequently the full responsibility for the security of their sites, the lawfulness and validity of their content and their services.

The products, services and the content of third parties that probably appear on the pages of the site constitute intellectual and industrial property of the said third parties, who are responsible for compensating any damage and any claim that might arise, like, for instance, from intellectual and industrial rights infringement etc, expressly excluding any liability of the Company for the content or the security of such sites.

4. Data Protection Policy

The Company is able of collecting and processing the personal data that the visitors/ users of the site have already shared, and in the processing of which they have explicitly offered their consent at the same time as the submission in the related fields (newsletter and Career Opportunities) on the site of our Company, according the Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

5. Limitation of liability

The Company, under any circumstances, including and the case of negligence, shall not be liable for any kind of damage of the visitor/user of the pages, services, choices and content of the site, which they use personally, willingly and taking into consideration the present terms.

Also, the Company, does not guarantee that the pages, the services, the choices and the content will be provided uninterrupted, without errors, that the errors shall be corrected and that all the questions shall be answered.

The Company, also cannot guarantee that the site or any other related site or the servers via which the content is set at the disposal of the visitors/users is offered free of “viruses” or other harmful ingredients. The expense of the possible corrections or services is borne by the visitors/users and under no circumstances by the Company.

6. Liability of the visitor/user

The visitor/user of the site is liable for any kind of damage caused to the site by wrongful or unfair use of the related services. For any damage or non-material damage through our services, through a post or publication or share of a content done by a visitor/user liable for the compensation is the visitor/user.

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