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The need for a sustainable world appears to be urgent. Our company responds responsibly to the constantly growing demand for reducing the impact of its operations on the environment, while seeks the best way to meet consumers’ expectations for speed and cost-effective solutions.

The primary objective of our company’s environmental policy is to minimize the environmental impact of our activities.

The main objectives of our company’s environmental policy, among others include:

  • The sustainable utilization of the available deposits and the production of quality products suitable for transportation and disposal in the domestic and international market, in order for their exploitation to be carried out with standard methods.
  • To reduce fuel consumption in vehicles, project machinery and heating installations
  • To reduce the electricity consumed for the purposes of production, lighting of spaces and operation of office equipment
  • To engage in rational use of natural resources (water and paper consumption)
  • To recycle recyclable materials (oils, batteries, vehicle tires, wood, metal, plastics) through authorized partners.
  • To mitigate – control emergency risks.
  • The use of recyclable materials in the design and architecture of its buildings, as well as the reduction of the carbon dioxide footprint.

In order to achieve these objectives, the company:

  • Has adopted an Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 international standard, which is applied to all environmental aspects of the business. The Environmental Management System is monitored, maintained and improved through scheduled inspections, evaluations and reviews.
  • The company has sufficient resources for environmental management: technical know-how, suitable equipment, trained and able staff.
  • The company sets environmental goals, and their implementation is regularly reviewed and evaluated. Additionally, systematic measurements are conducted and critical parameters and processes are evaluated in order to eradicate or mitigate any adverse environmental impact.
  • The company’s Management is committed to the continuous improvement of the operation and effectiveness of the business and of the Environmental Management System, as well as our compliance with the environmental legislation in force, which is based on the active participation and support of all its employees.