A great variety of white and gray Greek marble tiles awaits you in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. Discover our unique collection of marble tiles!

Elevate Your Design with Our High-Quality Marble Tiles

We are the largest production supplier and processor of marble tiles in Greece and one of the largest suppliers of marble tiles throughout Europe.

Our collection includes a line of white and gray marbles, most of which have subtle or more intense veins and give, depending on how they are placed, impressive patterns. Currently, in our natural stone tiles collection, you will find the marbles Elba Blue, Fusion, Electron, Silver Grey, Thassos, Vermion White, Volakas and Vox, in a wide variety of dimensions and finishes.

Their strength, hardness, absorbency, as well as the technical characteristics of our marble tiles, make them suitable for use in interior and exterior areas in residential, commercial, or public buildings. Their aesthetic characteristics, but also the different finishes that can be applied to their surfaces (such as, for example, polished, sandblasted, antique, deep brushing or diamond brushing, matte/satin, leather look), allow them to be placed on floors and walls, in kitchens, bathrooms or showers, living rooms, bedrooms and reception areas, as well as in spaces with increased traffic.

From Quarry to Factory: Our Process of Producing High-Quality Marble Tiles and slabs

All the above natural marble rocks are mined from our privately owned quarries or from quarries with which we have entered into exclusive cooperation agreements. This ensures that we have sufficient stock that can meet the needs of your every construction, architectural or decorative project.

The marble slabs of each material are transported from our quarries in Northern Greece (Drama, Kavala, Thassos island, etc.) to our 5 state-of-the-art facilities. The infrastructure of our factory facilities allows the adaptation of the dimensions with the most prevalent and popular ones that you will discover while browsing the categories of our shop.

However, for all the dimensions of our marble tiles we follow, if you choose the Dry Lay process. Depending on the way you opt to place the veins (pattern matching, book-matching, confused, or a combination of all), the Dry Lay process is always adapted to the specific specifications you have indicated to us. The process includes a series of specific stages and guarantees that you will receive exactly what you want for your construction or architectural project.

Revolutionary Innovations in Marble Tile Industry

It is also worth mentioning two global innovations that we have incorporated into our tile production and processing lines. Meet Geoffrey, the world's 1st A.I Automated Tile Sorting System, which through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, can successfully guarantee the objective sorting of marble tiles. In addition, with the What's in the Box application you can get important information on your tile orders, per package, and in real time, from your mobile phone.

Our marble tiles collection is constantly being enriched based on our stock. By clicking on the natural stone, you prefer, you can find photos of the marble tiles and, in some cases, indicative renderings illustrating the application of the natural marble stone material in various interior projects. In addition, you will find all the information you need about the material itself, such as the dimensions and thickness of the marble tiles, how the edges are processed (flat edge or half-bevel), the treatments and uses which we recommend for it, but also an infographic with its Technical Specifications. We recommend that you visit our website often!

Stone Group International's experienced staff are always on hand to give you expert professional advice about which marble tiles are right for your project.

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