The new, privately-owned quarry of our company is situated in Nestos area, in Nikites location. The quarry’s’ location allows fast and easy shipment of marble across the world, thanks to its proximity to the ports of Thessaloniki and Kavala, and to our company’s plants in Drama and Thessaloniki.

The quarry occupies a total area of 150.000 sq. m. Plans and work on its expansion are already underway. Current production is 30.000 tons in volumes, expected to reach 100.000 tons annually by the end of 2022.

The quarry extracts the calcite marble Ηemarus Grey , which has a white and off-white background, with striking grey veining. It is available in 4 types: in horizontal and diagonal veins, in a motif featuring large, cloud-resembling pattern and in a pattern with intense movement.

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