We have 8 privately owned quarries and have signed agreements with a plethora of quarries for raw material exclusivity. White marble constitutes the major part of the production from our quarries.


The number of our quarries allows us to guarantee large reserves of important and widely known materials. We can thus immediately satisfy the needs of our customers worldwide and safely and consistently respond to large construction projects around the world.

The geographical proximity of our quarries to the four industrial plants we have built at key locations enables us to effectively manage our energy sources, achieving fast transportation of materials and improved human resources management. This results in faster processing and delivery of our products to our customers with minimal environmental impact.

Our privately owned quarries are mainly located in Greece, as well as in neighbouring countries in the marble-bearing Balkan zone.
Our flagship quarry of Stone Group International and Birros Hellenic Marble SA is Pirgon, where 5 types of the well-known Pirgon white marble are extracted (Pirgon Nivatus, Pirgon Ebru Arabesque, Pirgon Mist, Pirgon Alas and Pirgon Delta)

The total number of employees occupied to our quarries, exceeds 300.

Privately owned quarries:

Pirgon, Volakas Heamus, Vox, Elba Blue, Hemarus, Vermion White, Veria Green, Ochiro