Large construction projects around the world require particular specifications. For this reason, we have formed a team consisting of civil engineers, architects, as well as specialized staff, in order to be able to meet to the needs and requirements of large construction projects worldwide.


Having acquired extensive experience all this time as a materials supplier in international construction projects, we have adopted a design, control, and project monitoring model for all stages, in order to deliver each project at the required time and based on high quality criteria. This allows us to specify our marble in cooperation with the architectural community, thus enhancing our international partnerships.

The department staff interprets 2D & 3D architectural drawings in various formats, provides detailed assessments of the preparation cost (regarding both materials & processing), creates and manages cutting lists and provides support on technical issues of any kind.

Stone Group International’s products can be found in several executive construction projects, such as in Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Monaco, Australia, Malaisia and many more countries around the globe.