A large collection of white, gray and colored marble slabs from Greek and non-Greek quarries awaits you. Discover our premium collection of marble slabs!

Marble Slabs Collection: A Wide Range of Colors and Patterns to Choose From

We are one of the largest suppliers of marble slabs throughout Europe. Our collection of marble slabs includes many different types of this natural stone, with a wide range of colors and patterns.

White marble slabs hold the dominant role in our collection as they occupy the largest percentage of our stock. Thassos Snow White, Volakas, Aella, Pentelikon, Pirgon and Vox are just some of the most famous and widely known white marble stones around the world that you can find in this particular category of our shop. This group is completed by other well-known colored marbles in gray, green and dark shades, such as Elba Blue, Vermion White, Veria Green etc.

In addition, on our website you can discover numerous other options, among them yellow, red, cream, black, beige, green and gold shades of marble slabs.

The majority of the above white, gray and colored materials are mined from our privately own quarries or from quarries with which we have entered into exclusive cooperation agreements. The large number of our quarries in Greece (Drama, Kavala, island of Thassos, Veria etc.), but also in neighboring countries, work supportively and for the benefit of our partners and can guarantee sufficient stocks of marble slabs.

Marble Slabs: Timeless Aesthetic Value and Versatile Applications

The timeless aesthetic value of this natural stone ensures the application of marble slabs in countless interior or exterior projects, while their durability over time justifies their use even in areas of increased traffic or extreme weather conditions. Marble stone slabs are considered ideal for wall cladding in residential or reception areas, commercial or public spaces, hotels and other buildings. We especially recommend them as wall cladding in living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and fireplaces, while we strongly suggest their placement with the marble book-matching technique, as this can guarantee impressive and unique aesthetic results! However, the areas where marble slabs have greatly been used in recent years and are particularly favored are on kitchen islands and countertops. The large dimensions of the slabs, as well as their different surface finishes, make this possible.

As far as the surface finishes of the marble slabs are concerned, it is known that the most common finish is polished. However, in our facilities, we have the engineering infrastructure as well as the know-how to provide additional marble surface finishes such as brushed, bush hammered, deep brushed, diamond brushed, honed, leather and sand blasted to make the marble suitable to cover any special and demanding construction or design project you have imagined. We always try to be in an open dialogue with all the new decorative and architectural trends of the time.

Explore our marble collection and get expert advice for your project

You can navigate through our site and choose from a wide variety of marble slabs. By clicking on the marble slabs, you prefer, you can find photos of different products, indicative book-matches, but also renderings illustrating the application of the material in various projects. In addition, you will find all the information you need about the material itself, its dimensions, finishes and uses which we recommend for it, as well as an infographic with its technical specifications.

As you will find, from time to time, we enrich our collection of marble slabs with other natural stone materials such as onyx, travertine and limestone. We recommend that you visit our website frequently so as to stay updated on all the new materials we add, as well as all new deliveries. Our photo gallery is updated regularly.

Stone Group International’s experienced staff are always at your disposal and ready to give you expert professional advice on which marbles are right for your project.

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