Discover our collection of marble mosaics made of white and gray Greek marbles. Now you can uncover the elegant geometric patterns of our marble mosaics.

Greece's Premier Marble Mosaics Supplier and Processor

We are the largest production supplier and processor of marble mosaics and tiles in Greece and one of the largest suppliers throughout Europe. From our privately owned production and processing plant, more than X square meters of mosaics, involving a multitude of natural stone materials and geometric patterns, are produced annually.

Our collection includes marble mosaics in various textures, shapes and geometric patterns from widely famous Greek white and gray marbles. More specifically, if you browse through our shop‘s categories, you can find the natural marble stones Elba Blue, Electron, Thassos, Vermion White Vein Cut and Volakas, in a wide variety of dimensions and geometric patterns.

Advanced Technology and Premium Materials: Our Marble Mosaics Collection from unique Quarries

The development of technology favors the production processes of marble mosaics and allows the production of many different geometric designs, in many different dimensions. The most popular and well-known geometric patterns Chevron, Herringbone, Hexagons, Squares, and 3D cubes are available in a variety of white and gray materials. In particular, we refer to the Labyrinth geometric pattern that we find with a combination of Thassos and Vermion White marbles. Our collection is also complete with the essential marble pencils.

All the above natural marble stones come from our privately owned quarries or from quarries with which we have entered into exclusive cooperation agreements. These quarries are located mainly in Northern Greece (Drama, Kavala, island of Thassos), but also in neighboring countries, from where they are transported to our central facilities, faithfully following all certified logistics and quality control procedures.

The number of our quarries and their inventory management control can and does ensure the quantitative needs of each of your projects. Further, the independent, modern production and processing unit that we maintain in our central factory can guarantee the quality needs of any of your construction or architectural projects.

Expertly Crafted Marble Mosaics for Stylish Architecture and Design

Marble mosaics have always been a popular natural choice of material in Architecture and Design, as they add style and luxury wherever they are placed. Favorite applications for architects, designers and decorators include wall cladding or flooring in residential, workplace or other commercial buildings. We can find them creating unique aesthetic results in living rooms, bathrooms or showers, kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, stairs, etc.

Our collection of marble mosaics is constantly being enriched based on our stock, so if natural stone mosaics are one of your considerations, we would strongly advise you to visit this section of our shop quite often!

By clicking on the marble mosaics, you prefer, you can find photos. In addition, you will find all the information you need such as the thickness, width and length of the mosaics, the dimension of the net on which they are placed, the square meters per net, the way the edges are processed (flat edge or half-bevel), the finishes and their suggested uses.

Our mosaic production unit has specialized staff with a high level of technical knowledge and extensive experience and are always ready to advise and guide you at every stage of your project, from choosing the right marble stone and pattern, to its correct placement.

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