Discover our large collection of white, gray and colored marble blocks. Come check out the marble blocks we extract from our own quarries!

Europe's Leading Supplier of Greek Marble Blocks

We are one of the largest suppliers of marble in Europe. With marble block exports to more than 80 countries, we successfully and continuously strengthen the presence of Greek marble, as a product of origin, all over the world.

The extraction of marble blocks is carried out by our 9 privately owned quarries, as well as by natural stone quarries affiliated with us and with which we maintain exclusive cooperation agreements. Most of our marble quarries are located in Northern Greece, in the regions of Drama, Kavala, Thassos and Veria, while some others are in neighboring countries of the wider Balkan marble zone.

Our total annual production exceeds 250,000 tons of block. The marbles we mine are mostly white, with gray or various dark shades and typically of fine-grained dolomitic or calcitic natural materials. The majority of the block mining concerns the world-famous Thassos Snow White, Volakas, Aella, Pirgon, Vox and Vermion White marbles; we should mention that there are also colored marbles such as Veria Green, Hemarus, etc.

From Marble Blocks to Finished Products: Our Production and Quality Control Process

Both the transportation of the marble blocks from our quarries to the 5 factory units we maintain in Drama, Kavala, Thassos, Veria and Thessaloniki, as well as their processing, take place in the maximum possible time, due to the advantageous geographical location of our marble quarries and facilities. The marble blocks that arrive at our facilities are initially stored in our external warehouses, with a large portion of them being sold directly to natural stone wholesalers. The reserves of the remaining marble blocks are processed and converted into slabs, tiles and mosaics, as per the needs of our customers.

It is worth noting that from the first moment of extraction, until the marble blocks are sent to our customers, a certified logistics and quality control process is followed, so that the product you will receive is exactly what you have sampled or seen through photographic material.

The durability and the other technical characteristics of marble stone make this natural stone timeless. This fact, combined with its unique beauty, makes it one of the most favored construction materials. Project managers, architects, decorators and designers will find the most appropriate ways and suitable designs for the use of the material both in exterior and interior spaces. Some of its indicative uses are on floors, kitchen counters, fireplaces, living rooms, bedrooms, damp areas such as the bathrooms, wall claddings, but also in a wide range of uses that require a robust, resistant to the most extreme weather conditions, while at the same time, ageless material.

Get Expert Advice and Find the Perfect Marble Blocks for Your Project

The reserves of marble deposits in our own quarries are truly huge, which allows us to guarantee prompt delivery of the material, ensure customer satisfaction around the world and maintain consistency in major construction projects globally. The excellent know-how and the use of high technology in mining, processing, but also in our production processes, guarantee that we can meet the requirements of every project.

Browse our site and find the right marble blocks for your own business. In addition to photos of blocks, you will find useful information about each natural stone material and its proposed uses and finishes.

Feel free to request new photos of new stone materials that are constantly coming in! A team of experienced staff with specialized knowledge of the natural material is always ready to advise and guide you at every stage of your project.

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