Innovation lies at the core of our company’s culture. Innovation refers to every small or big change that can make a “difference” and improve both our own and our customers’ daily routine.


A.I. Automated Tile Sorting System

Meet “Geoffrey”, the first Automated Tile Sorting system in the world

Our daily operations feature “Geoffrey”, an Automated Tile Sorting Machine which constitutes a global innovation. The automated tile sorting system uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning to identify easily and with precision all potential features in several Greek marble tiles, sorting them out accordingly. Upon being sorted, the tiles move on to the final packaging stage, while all data are registered automatically in the SAP-ERP system.

And this is only the beginning. Geoffrey is already in the process of learning more types of Greek marble.

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What’s In The Box

Having “Geoffrey” in our service and by exploiting “his” full potential, we developed a mobile application that enables tiles’ tracking, of every box. In order to make that happen, we add a unique QR code on every tile box, which can be scanned using any smartphone with QR scanner and gain the following:

  1. Complete real-time information for each pallet and tile box in all orders. Through the mobile application, all tiles can be tracked separately, from each box of every order, while offering all the product information on the screen.
  2. Real-time detailed information of all tiles in every order.
  3. In the same mobile application HQ dry-lay photos of each tile are included.

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Future Factory

We dreamed the future factory and began to implement it. “Geoffrey” was only the beginning, providing us a set of new data for the whole production process, offering us the ability to make our ‘’dream’’ come true. Our dream includes a transparent, modern production, “open” and accessible in real-time for all parties involved.

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