All the dimensions and types of Thassos white marble tiles and slabs


The Greek marble Thassos: Dimensions & thickness of tiles, types of marble slabs, shapes & mosaic patterns of the whitest natural stone in the world

Thassos marble is the whitest marble in the world and is certainly one of the most sought-after materials in the natural stone market. It is famous for its glistening appearance and unique, pure white structure. Due to its special composition and glowing appearance, it has rightly won worldwide recognition. It is no coincidence that the demand for this natural material has always remained at extremely high levels!

It is a suitable material for all architectural and decorative designs. Aside from its application on floors, walls, counters and other surfaces, the white natural stone of Thassos adds a piece of luxurious and elegant appearance in many decorative objects. Clearly, the choice of this specific natural stone for the construction of prestigious projects, luxury homes, commercial buildings and iconic monuments, is not accidental.

Rendering image of bedroom to show the different dimensions of Thassos White marble
Thassos white marble applied on flooring shown in bedroom rendering by Stone Group International

The mining site & technical characteristics of Thassos white marble

On Thassos, a small island in the North of the Aegean Sea, we find some of the most famous white marble stone quarries in the world. The rich history of Thassos marble dates back to ancient times, while its mining continues to this day. Thassos white marble has been used to create famous sculptures and buildings, as its special technical characteristics and resistance to weather conditions justify its timelessness and stability over the years.

Thassos White marble quarry photo in Thassos, Greece, at sunset
Photo of greek quarry of Thassos white marble to show its excellent technical characteristics permission

Thassos white marble has incredible durability, being slightly harder than limestone and softer than granite. It is also very resistant to water and weather conditions, which is why it is ideal for outdoor applications. An additional factor that enhances the strength of the natural stone is its high density combined with low porosity. At the same time, its resistance to heat makes Thassos white natural stone suitable for applications such as for fireplaces and kitchen countertops. In every case, waterproofing (sealing) of the material is recommended to preserve and keep the marble unchanged over time.

See, in detail, the table with the technical characteristics of Thassos marble and learn everything about the whitest marble in the world, the quarries, types, quality screenings, finishes, and its uses and applications in architecture and design.

Learn more about Greek quarries and their marbles.

Minimal rendering of white flooring next to bed and stone tables
Rendering of bedroom with Thassos white marble on the flooring, with an elegant result
Rendering image with tiles of thasso white marble on the floor and a glass coffee table
Thassos white marble permission, whitest marble in the world, applied on flooring, polished

The types of Thassos white marble tiles and slabs

Thassos white marble is available in blocks, slabs, tiles and mosaics, allowing flexibility of the design and application in different architectural projects.

The most well-known type of Thassos white marble is Thassos Snow White. Thassos Snow White marble is also the only type that we will find in the tile category. On the other hand, in the product category of slabs, apart from Thassos Snow White, we have Thassos marble in the following types: Thassos Eco, Thassos Golden Radix, Thassos Rosso and Thassos Vein Cut.

Let’s take a more detailed look at some basic information about each product type.

Thassos Snow White:

It is the whitest marble in the world! It is a bright, fine-grained marble with a crystalline color, very high solar reflectance and a unique, refined character. It exudes a sense of luxury wherever it is placed, as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Marble slab from Stone Group International, Thassos Snow white
Thassos Snow White marble slab, the whitest marble in the world permission

Thassos Eco:

This is a variant of Thassos, which can be easily applied to both residential and commercial projects. The white background mixed with beige tones maintains harmony and creates a beautiful pattern, able to be combined with other materials.

Thassos eco marble slab, white background with light beige tones permission
Thassos eco, the perfect marble slabs for residential and commercial projects

Thassos Golden Radix:

It is another Thassos variant and is currently rare. Its golden veins resemble tree roots and when its slabs are placed using the Book-match technique, they create a unique work of art.

Single marble slab of Thassos golden radix, with gold veins from Stone Group International
Thassos golden radix, a Thassos marble variant, with veins that resemble tree roots

Thassos Rosso:

This particular variant of Thassos has a subtle presence of red in its veins. The white color remains equally bright and generates high solar reflection. The slabs of this fine marble feature prominently in the compositions of designers and decorators and offer the possibility to create special decorative surfaces and exceptional book-match applications.

Thassos rosso marble with bright white color and slightly red veins on its surface
Ideal marble slab for decorators, architects, and designers for varying applications permission

Thassos Vein Cut:

It is another variant of Thassos marble which, thanks to its very light-colored veins, creates an unparalleled aesthetic and functional result. The reflections of the light remain interesting here too, while the sense of purity that the white light gives, is highly impressive.

Thassos vein cut, variation of Thassos marble, with bright pure white surface
White marble slab with light veins for unparalleled aesthetic and functional result sheet

The dimensions and textures of Thassos white marble tiles and slabs

Infographic with six dimensions of Thassos white marble tiles from Stone Group International
Small and big dimensions of Thassos white marble tiles suitable for any application permission

The dimensions of Thassos marble tiles and slabs

The different dimensions of Thassos tiles offer many interesting options wherever they are placed. They start from a smaller size, (3X6″, 3X9″), to larger ones, (4X12″ 6X12″), in still larger ones (12X12″, 12X24″, 24X24”) and finally in even bigger ones (24X48″, 36X36’’). It is worth mentioning that our facilities provide the possibility to adapt the tiles to any dimension needed, starting from 1X1 and up to any dimension you have dreamed of for your project.

Infographic with marble rendering and sample tile dimensions of Thassos white marble
3×6 and 3×9 tile dimension shown in application permission on wall combined with dark color palette

In all tile dimensions, the thickness can be either 1 or 2 cm, with the edges being either flat edge or half-bevel.

Dining room rendering to show the 4x12 dimension of Thassos marble tiles applied
Marble tiles dimensions permission of 4×12 inches Thassos white marble, the whitest marble in the world
Floor rendering, with marble tiles of Thassos marble natural stone in 6x12 inches dimension permission
White polished marble Thassos white, used in flooring as tiles to see all the different tile, type and slab dimensions sheet
Dining room rendering to show the 4x12 dimension of Thassos marble tiles applied
Marble tiles dimensions permission of 4×12 inches Thassos white marble, the whitest marble in the world
Modern living area rendering with Thassos white marble tiles 12x24 on the floors, with a clean result
Marble a natural material, ideal for large surfaces such as living room flooring

In the case of the dimensions of the Thassos slabs, it can be seen that they may differ depending on the mining method and the different blocks. What is certain, however, is that the offered blocks can meet the needs of any large surface and their slabs can be precisely adapted to any architectural, design and decorative project.

Thassos white marble slabs and tile finishes

As marble and natural stone suppliers, the finishes we recommend for Thassos marble slabs and tiles are mainly two: polished and matte/satin. Besides, no one actually wishes to change the surface texture and appearance of such a pure and shiny marble.

Thassos white marble mosaics

In addition to tiles and slabs, Thassos white marble is often used to create exquisite mosaics, enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the spaces in which they are placed. Stunning visual effects, geometric patterns and contours add a touch of luxury to the designs while keeping the beauty of the material unaltered. Stone Group International’s collection includes the following Thassos marble mosaics in various shapes and patterns: Thassos 3d cube, Thassos Chevron, Thassos Herringbone, Thassos Hexagon, Thassos Labyrinth, Thassos Square 1×1, and Thassos Square 2×2.

Different kinds of mosaics of Thassos white marble permission shown in the infographic by Stone Group International
Thassos marble, tiles and mosaic patterns, in various shapes, patterns, finishes and surfaces

You can browse through the product categories of our shop and choose the one that suits you.

Living room rendering with wall-cladding with white marble herringbone mosaic
Herringbone mosaic as one of the many mosaic options for your home
Backsplash in modern kitchen, with complex labyrinth mosaic pattern of Thassos marble and wooden elements
Thassos white marble mosaic pattern in modern rendering by Stone Group International

The uses of Thassos white marble tiles and slabs

Thassos white marble has been used since ancient times and in numerous constructions. Due to its extraordinary beauty and versatility, it offers architects, decorators and designers security, but also the possibility to create exquisite and surprising surfaces. A favorite is its application on floors, both in residential and professional spaces. In hotels, luxury residences and commercial buildings, white Thassos marble wall cladding adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the space. Its durability, resistance to heat and bright appearance make this natural stone a popular choice for kitchen countertops and bathroom areas. It adds a touch of grandeur to staircases and fireplaces, while, at the same time, adding timeless beauty to outdoor spaces. Thassos white marble is not limited to architectural applications, as its beauty can also be incorporated into furniture and other decorative pieces such as tabletops, vases and light fixtures. Wherever white Thassos marble may be applied, it will be appreciated for its timeless beauty and natural charm.

Image of outdoor warehouse with bright white marble slabs in different patterns and dimensions
Thassos white marble, the whitest marble in the world, one of the natural stones stocked by Stone Group International
Slabs of marble organized in indoor warehouse in Greece
Natural stone Thassos white marble slabs in a variety of patterns in an indoor warehouse by Stone Group International

Where to find Thassos white marble tiles and slabs

At Stone Group International and in our outdoor and indoor warehouses specially designed for Thassos marble, we store the natural stone slabs, while the tiles and mosaics go through the production lines. Our privately owned quarry in Thassos enables us to provide our customers with any type of slab, tile or mosaic and in any dimension they desire, thanks to our modern machinery and infrastructure. The qualified staff, with their high level of expertise and extensive experience in the natural stone industry, are always ready to advise and guide you at every stage of your project.

Browse our site and look for all the Greek marble products of Thassos.

Contact our experts and don’t hesitate to ask for the type and dimension you want.

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