The top trends in architecture and design for 2022 and the role of marble in them


Sustainability, biophilic design, natural materials and their application in interior and exterior design

In recent years, the flow of our daily lives has changed significantly. At the same time, new needs have been created, both in our personal and professional lives, but also in the way they have inevitably combined with each other. Modern trends in design and decoration could not but assimilate these changes, creating friendly, calm and warm work and living spaces.

Nature is now closely connected to the interior space and has become an integral part of it. Especially popular are natural woods and warm shades of brown, in combination with elegant, clean marble finishes that exude a sense of warmth, peace and well-being.

It is important for professionals in the construction industry to carefully follow the latest trends in interior and exterior design, so as to be ready to adapt them accordingly, during the implementation of their projects. These trends, understandably, then direct the role of, but also the way in which natural stones and marble are used in various projects.

The year 2022 makes a shift towards a love of nature, recycling and combining a modern lifestyle with natural, simple materials with a robust character. Let’s look at the most basic trends.


The reusing and recycling of raw materials and the selection of materials with a long life span are central areas of interest in architecture. Sustainability not only defines our lives but also design, which is now environmentally friendly, reflecting a clean and calm mind. Design today is energy efficient with smart devices: lighting, heating and cooling systems are controlled by our smartphones. Eco-friendly materials are the absolute trend, while furniture, lighting and accessories are recyclable. Marble, as an elegant and timeless material, has a dominant role in the new, natural, sustainable environment.

Image with the tile «Biophilic Design» and 3 images with different plants indoors and outdoors. Trends In Architecture & Design 2022.
Marble Trends 2022 in Architecture & Design – Biophilic Design

Biophilic design

Nowadays, there is a prevailing human need to bring as much nature as possible indoors. This trend has shaped biophilic design, as construction and decoration now incorporate natural lighting, ventilation, plants and natural materials, such as wood and marble, in their projects. The prototype biophilic design improves mood, health and wellness, resulting in increased productivity and reduced stress levels.

New needs and multi-functionality

In the last two years, due to the unusual daily life that became necessitated due to the pandemic, the importance of the home in our lives has become more relevant than ever. As the modern home accommodates much more than just living these days, the demand for flexibility has increased. Thus, a single space is transformed to accommodate a variety of activities; our home has become a workplace, gym, playroom, and whatever else is needed.

Multi-functionality even determines the way furniture and key pieces serve a variety of purposes, especially in smaller spaces. Smart, versatile furniture serve as a design element, while their use is also enhanced by the integration of technology. In recent years, many people have been forced to work from home, turning the kitchen table into an office. But now the concept of “home office” has evolved dramatically and has brought to the surface new design needs, depending on the living conditions and lifestyle of each household.

Indoor/Outdoor Living and Entangled Design: the ultimate harmony between indoors and outdoors

Today’s home, as we have been experiencing for the last two years, has brought new perspectives to residential living. The areas of the home no longer have strict boundaries and the activities take place in almost every area, often converting the space in order to accommodate the new needs. Given that the exteriors of our homes are used as extensions of the interior, the landscape around the house is combined with structures and elements of interior decoration creating a natural, organic environment.

Image with the title «Indoor / Outdoor Living» and subtitle «The ultimate harmony between interior and exterior spaces» and 2 images of interior and exterior space with white marble applied in flooring. Trends In Architecture & Design 2022.
Harmony in choosing marble for flooring between interior and exterior spaces

Japandi Design

A steady trend of recent years is Japandi, which introduces a distinctive minimalist combination of already abstract Japanese and Scandinavian interior design styles. A variety of simplistic natural elements keep harmony within the space. A relaxing neutral palette is surrounded by natural materials, elegant shapes, large plants, natural light and beautiful textures. Marble is one of the materials that work perfectly in the Japandi style, balancing harmoniously with elegant, organic touches, as well as with natural furniture such as rattan or bamboo.

These were, in short, the main modern design trends for this year, with natural materials finding their place and playing a dominant role. Understandably, natural stones and marble are confidently integrated into the new, natural, sustainable environment. This is the reason why we have gathered below, for you, all those elements that connect the natural marble stone with the prevailing trends. At the same time, we made sure to include useful practical tips that will facilitate anyone involved in design and decoration.

If you belong to the wider construction industry and you are thinking of choosing marble as a material for your project, then you should definitely read below about the latest marble trends in architecture and design for 2022.

Image of a kitchen with Stone Group International’s marble Veria Green applied in a kitchen countertop, hall with a staircase that leads to another floor and an outdoor garden. Trends In Architecture & Design 2022.
Kitchen with Stone Group International’s Veria Green marble in harmony with other natural material

Large marble tiles and furniture

The large marbles tiles that are applied to walls or floors are the big trend of 2022 as they bring the tranquility of the natural material, to both our indoor and outdoor spaces. A further use of marble is another new, dominant trend: marble furniture, dining rooms or accessories, marble trays, stools and bowls or bathrooms and kitchens, which provide elegance and serenity to our living and working spaces.

Marble and the living room

New design trends for the living room are a tribute to longevity and timelessness; marble with natural accents blend with wood, creating a calm and refreshing atmosphere.

Marble and minimalist design

Minimalism dominates in 2022 and brings harmony and charm to the aesthetics of the home. Marble plays a key role in a minimalist environment, due to its simple and clean nature.

Marble and colors

The wonderful white shades exalt a calm space, creating a solid base where the rest of the materials are displayed and highlighted. At the same time, the warm, natural shades can be utilized to create a haven of tranquility.

Useful decoration tips using marble as a base

Practical tips for a space in line with the latest trends are always useful for everyone:

  • Get the minimalistic style that is trending this year, by introducing a subtle, elegant marble surface in your home office, either in contrast to the color palette of the space, or in a color that complements and enhances the aesthetics.
  • To achieve an elegant, abstract look, keep the main materials in the space limited and create visual interest through the different textures. For example, a beautiful marble finish ideally complements the overall design of a space.
  • Replace synthetic surfaces with natural materials, such as marble and wood, and combine with cotton, wool, leather or silk fabrics. In this way, you will bring nature into your home and create a warm, relaxing space.
  • Combine natural textures with a bold marble wall cladding or an imposing marble fireplace of a similar color and the marble texture will add depth and character to your space. In addition, a green or blue nature based shade will create a relaxing and tranquil haven.
  • Choose a bold and warm green marble for your wall cladding or fireplace and give a touch of luxury to your space.
  • White marble is an excellent choice for a timeless living room floor, as it offers a sense of purity and perfectly highlights the earthy color palette of the space. Integrate it into your space through furniture or accessories.

Read more about the uses of marble in Interior design.

Looking at the trends of the new year, it is obvious that the need for quality and luxury be combined with a relaxed, affordable approach, while the patterns and sense of nature are welcome indoors. At the same time, marble remains a constant value in the world of design, offering timeless options in a wide range of applications and dresses our daily lives with the necessities of relaxation and tranquility.

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