Stone Group International sponsors “Eleftheria Square” exhibition


Architect Association of Thessaloniki with the support of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Alpha Astika Akinita and TEE/TKM, organized an architectural competition for the redevelopment of “Eleftheria Square” and the improvement of public spaces at the restorated historical building of Alpha Bank.
Stone Group International was one of the exhibition sponsors within the frame of its social and cultural contribution in Greece and abroad. The company has strong ties with the architectural community worldwide, due to its presence in major construction projects as material supplier (marble, granite and natural stones). The company presents its entrepreneurial profile in Greece and abroad and the new collection of “12 Mythic Marbles” connected to Greek mythology.
The exhibition was a perspective view of excellent ideas, designs and chronicles. The proposal aims to unite history of lived spaces with the vibrant influential city. Architecture acts again as a leader, under the historical and collective memory in the urban landscape of “Eleftheria Square”. Water and archaeological elements dominate along with the materials, white marble, granite and natural old stone. The whole place interacts with people and citizens as a vivid remembrance, since the memory operates as an active relationship with the past.

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