Stone Group International with 2 booths at Marmomac 2023 in Verona fair


Learn about the marbles presented at Marmomac Verona fiere 2023 by Stone Group International and all the details about the design concept of the 2 booths

Mark your calendars for the 57th edition of Marmomac fiere set to take place in Verona from 26 to 29 of September.

Why is it important for a marble supplier to participate in the Marmomac exhibition?

Marmomac is the most important world fair dedicated to the entire natural stone production chain, from quarrying to refined products and machinery. Α captivating fair that bring together the worlds of architecture, art, construction and interior design, featuring top designers and prestigious furniture brands.

Marmomac 2023 offers more than just an exhibition – it’s a vital platform for professional growth with educational seminars for designers and architects. Spanning 69 sqm, the fair draws 47,000 global visitors and showcases not only Italian marble but also an exceptional variety of Greek marble.

As always, Stone Group International will be there, together with marble and natural stone suppliers, interior designers, architects, and all of you.

Photo of Verona. Stone Group International At Marmomac.

Stone Group International’s participating at Marmomac 2023

With a longstanding presence at the exhibition, Stone Group International has frequently been recognized with awards, such as Best Communicator Award 2019, category Stone & New Best Communicator Award, Design in 2022.

For this year’s event, we’re excited to announce our participation with two booths.

The first, located in Hall 6 – Stand D2, at the exact same spot as last year, serving as our commercial hub. There you will find all our products and have the opportunity to speak with our company representatives.

The second booth, in Hall 1 – Stand 12, is dedicated to interior design, oriented towards designers, architects and enthusiasts with an eye for elegant aesthetics.

But this is no ordinary Booth. This exclusive biennial project is the result of a collaboration between Marmomac and media group Hearst, which publishes the worldwide magazine Elle Decore

Named “A matter of stone”, this new pavilion serves as a platform for Italian and international companies to showcase their activities and products to architects, designers, and interior designers.

Below, we present the concepts of each booth.

Marmomac 2023: presenting the design concept of Hall 6 – Stand D2

Mockup of hall 6 stand D2 at Marmomac Verona fiere, with natural materials such as wood and marble and design concept dedicated to synergy of humans and nature.Stone Group International At Marmomac.
Stand at Marmomac 2023 Verona trade fair, inspired by the ancient Greek perception of a public market, agora and a veranda with a view of the Aegean sea

Our concept named “The Terrace: Synergy between the Humans & the Earth” gravitates towards a harmonious coexistence of natural, earthly, and energetic elements. It incorporates the elements of light, air, and earth, with man working as the connecting link between the energy of elements.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Greek perception of a public market (agora) and a veranda in the Aegean Sea, our hall stands as a gathering space for all. A place that is open, permeated by a flow of air, people, and energy. From our signature cocktails to our lively music, every well-tended detail contributes to a truly immersive experience.

Image of Hall 6 Stand 2 with the design concept of a Greek Terrace. Stone Group International At Marmomac
Stand D2 at Hall 6 at Marmomac Verona trade fair, inspired by the coexistence of stone, earthly and energetic elements
Digital depiction of Hall 6 Stand 2 by Stone Group International at Marmomac. Stone Group International At Marmomac
One of the 2 booth by Stone Group International at Marmomac inspired by Greece

Committed to our concept, we went with a warm and natural selection of materials; wood and marble. Natural light finds its way through the columns, casting an inviting glow. The ceiling accommodates the air movement adding a sense of Aegean breeze, inviting you to relax and enjoy.

Marmomac 2023: presenting the design concept of ‘’A matter of Stone’’ Hall 1 – Stand 12

In this one-of-a-kind booth we embrace the “A matter of Stone” concept aiming to elevate and enhance the project collaborated between Elle Decor and Marmomac.

A concept design space by Stonegroup. Focused on the material and its infinite beauty and versatility. Stone Group International At Marmomac

In this concept design space, we focus on the material and its infinite beauty and versatility.

With an exciting design twist, we integrate marble in a space in the most unexpected, wonderful ways. It can be either used as the main piece of attention or as limited as accents and small or large decorative pieces, or even an entire installation, from classical to traditional and from modern to minimal.

Our design is a minimal architectural expression of the new perspectives that were brought into residential living, where there are no strict boundaries between the areas of our homes.

Minimal architectural expression of the new perspectives that were brought into residential living by Stonegroup. Stone Group International At Marmomac

Here the material can find a wide range of applications.

Imagine the best marble lights, hanging off the ceiling, looking like marble stools, forming an intriguing visual dynamic, and vice versa. Where the combination of marble elements with mirrors brings the outer shell of the structure inside and transforms a single wall cladding slab into an infinite work of art.

Marble lights, hanging off the ceiling. Stone Group International At Marmomac

Read more at Marmomac’s article, dedicated to our booth.

Stone Group International’s product collection from Earth’s quarries to Verona for Marmomac 2023

Stone Group International’s best marbles become a living testament to the harmonious fusion of nature’s elegance and human design mastery.

A modern livingroom decorated with Stonegroup's marbles. Stone Group International At Marmomac

Within this captivating Fair, we take center stage with our curated collection.

Our white marbles: Thassos Snow White, Thassos Rosso, Aella, Prima, Artesian, Fusion, Pentelikon, Pirgon Alas, Pirgon Mist, Thassos Eco, Erma, Vox, Alax Gold, Erma, Santorini White, Mykonos White, Zebrino

Our grey marbles:, Damastas, Alivery, Glory, Hemarus, Damastas, Cepa Grey, Lais

Our colorful marbles: Camouflage, Electron, Grafite, Veria Green, Ribeye

Attendees navigate through this journey, witnessing not just a mere display, but a symposium of nature’s artistry and modern innovation.

Stone Group International’s promotional material intertwined with the Marmomac 2023 campaign

Stone Group International’s promotional material intertwined with the Marmomac 2023 campaign. Stone Group International At Marmomac

The 2023 Marmomac campaign aims to represent not only the connection between natural stone art and technology but also the entire natural stone industry.

The chosen images of the reconstructed bust and fragment of Michelangelo’s David serve as a visual representation of this industry’s fusion of artistic heritage and technological advancements.

Stone Group International has embraced the essence of this campaign in its core in order to maintain its cultural and symbolic impact, infusing our own distinct aesthetic. We add our own small aesthetic touch extending the geometrical lines representing technological advancements and intertwining them with the unique Veria Green marble veins.

The end design depicts the unique connection between technology and nature’s marvels.

If you’re looking to learn more about marble products and natural stones, Stonegroup is here to help. As one of the most well-known marble suppliers in Europe, our team can answer any questions you may have about the production process and how to best take advantage of these materials. And if you’re still unsure about whether to contact us, we invite you to explore our blog and read additional articles to gain more insight into our expertise.

Obtain your tickets for Marmomac 2023 in Verona fair

Don’t miss the chance to explore Stone Group International’s dual booths at the Marmomac 2023 trade fair. We look forward to welcoming you.

Join us at Hall 6 Stand D2 and Hall 1 – Stand 12.

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