Stone Group International at Growth Awards 2016


Stone Group International at the top 20 businesses (among 8000) in Greece, in “Growth Awards 2016” by Grand Thornton and Eurobank. “Growth Awards” were created to recognize and celebrate the success of the best businesses. In this spirit, the award shines a spotlight on companies that approach growth in a strategic, sustainable and holistic manner—and, through their efforts, contribute to the strength of our national economy.“Growth Awards” is an excellent opportunity for private businesses—large and small—to show the country what can happen when a business has the foresight and discipline to set its sights beyond the next quarter.The procedure is based on the model “Financial Growth/Health Matrix” of Grant Thornton & and metrics of Eurobank. The six categories are: Operational Development, Product Development, Market Development, Human Resources, Investments, Corporate Social Responsibility.

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