Mosaics and Tiles, Trends and Applications in Architecture and Design


Mosaics and Tiles in Interior Design

Mosaics, a timeless decoration element

Throughout the millennia, marble mosaics have been a timeless captivating decorative element applied in spaces since the Bronze age in ancient Tiryns, at the Mycenae of ancient Greece, until nowadays. Temples, private and public places, churches have been decorated with stunning mosaic artworks.

In modern times, while marble mosaics were a fashionable trend during the 60s and the 70s, they set a new trend today, as technology enabled the fabrication of mosaic tiles of high quality and aesthetics.

Mosaic Applications

Marble mosaics have been a timeless captivating natural stone to work with when it comes to Architecture and Design, as the result of any space is a sophisticated and luxury environment to live or work in. Their application on walls or on floors, creates a unique and exceptional outcome.

Marble mosaics have always offered a wonderful and exciting selection of textures, shapes, colours and styles to match any design, modern or classic. Nowadays, a great variety of marble mosaics is available, from plain colours to textured tiles, depending on the overall style and the colour palette chosen for the creation of a space. They could be used from kitchen backsplash offering a luxurious result especially in an open plan layout, to bathroom walls or floors, creating exclusive private areas.

More particularly, the choice of nature inspired mosaic tiles to be applied on walls, floors or anywhere within a bathroom can magnify the overall design in any size, shape, or pattern, emphasizing the overall design.

The geometric shapes of marble mosaics

Tip 1: Hexagon. The hexagonal has been an immensely popular and stylish geometric shape over the past years, already being an established distinctive solution for the future.

Tip 2: Chevron. A kitchen backsplash in chevron mosaics is a very stylish choice that adds direction and movement to a space, especially in the case of an open plan layout.

Tip 3: Brick. Brick mosaics are ideal for wall applications and they look stunning as kitchen backsplash or in bathrooms.

Tip 4: Herringbone. The herringbone pattern is a timeless design, both in floor and wall applications, that offers a sense of luxury to the space.

Tip 5: Square. Square mosaics bring an austere and clean-cut result to the space, usually as a wall application.

Tip 6: 3d cube. 3d cube mosaics put on an additional dimension to any space and they create an exciting and playful game of three dimensions.

Tip 7: Basket weave. Basket weave mosaics and their variations are an excellent choice for a classic deign with a twist, as they complement any space by offering a sense of movement.

Trends of marble mosaics and tiles in Architecture and Design

Modern waterjet technology enabled the fabrication of precisely cut hexagonal tiles, which enable the creation of tight mosaics that fit precisely together to assemble the chosen geometric pattern.

Mosaics based on hexagonal tiles, either of a bold or neutral shade or a combination thereof, can be applied on both living room walls and bathroom floors. Hexagon based mosaics can be also mixed with orthogonal, herringbone or triangle patterns to create a more sophisticated and artistic result.

Moreover, hexagons can provide amazing colour combinations ending to a stunning format. However, a lot of attention should be paid to the planning of the layout, taking into consideration the sizes of the walls or the floors, as well as any furniture or accessories to be inserted later. This way, odd edges and awkward pattern breaks would be avoided.

Particularly impressive when used in larger dimensions on floors, the right choice of colour can absolutely uplift a space. Hexagonal shaped marble mosaics regenerate a stunning result in a cloakroom or a bathroom when applied on the floor, or on a wall, or even on a part of it, as well as in showers.

Extra tip! Large hexagon marble tiles provide an ultra-modern style that exceeds any expectation and in darker colours the impact is even greater. They can be used either on floors or walls in any residential or commercial area and depending on the complementary materials and colours of the space, the outcome makes a big statement, as the details are emphasized and impressive. The beautiful graphic element of large hexagons brings life to a plain wall or floor design, breaking up the monotony of a plain design, especially when applied in small spaces.

Zone blending
By exploiting the geometric engagement of patterns, zones can be blended by varying the colour of the tiles or/and changing the pattern. This method creates exceptional and well blended transition zones, such as a walk-in shower in a bath, zones in an open plan space or an interior space to an exterior terrace or balcony transition zone. Varying the grout colour is an added tool in the hands of the designer.

Large Tiles
Large format tiles with minimal grout lines create a spacious perception. Their considerable size creates an impression often seen in most premium hotels in a monotone approach. A mixing of large tiles of light and dark colour, either stone or marble textured, amplifies the effect and enables geometrical perception manipulation altering space and depth.

Big tiles are having a moment in 2021, and one surprising spot where you will find them is the kitchen backsplash. Mosaics of tiny shapes or rectangular subway patterns are being replaced with large tiles and even bigger patterns.

Back in Black
While in modern and Scandinavian styles black colour was the perfect accent, it is now becoming popular as main flooring colour with young homeowners. Black or dark marble tiles in large hexagons with thin grout lines.

Black matches with almost everything, so does the black flooring that accentuates whatever is placed on it.

Vintage black and white flooring
While hexagon black makes an entrance, vintage black and white is starting to make a comeback in projects. Either as retro checkerboard style or dramatic chevrons, the highly contrasting combination of black and white marbles is making a new entrance.

Gray tiles
Gray tones are a lasting and popular trend, both in living and working spaces. Shades of grey, either monotone or multitone, used in flooring or walls tune in a cool, contemporary space. Gray shaded marble tiles provide a vibrant, yet neutral backdrop for the furniture, appliances and decoration which will stand out.

White Tiles
Bright white marble tiles are a trend at home and are taking by storm kitchen, bathrooms and commercial spaces this year. Associated with sanity and cleanliness white marble tiles are boosted by the pandemic. While the perception of purity is a driving force, white marble gives the perception of a bigger and vibrant space which can accommodate and underline the furniture and decoration selection.

Uses of marble tiles & mosaics

For centuries, marble floors in any shape, be that mosaics, tiles, or larger format surfaces are the de facto definition of elegance with their brightness, cleanliness and style. Marble tiles combine the refined aesthetics of marble with the unlimited options of shapes and patterns offered by mosaics to produce bright exquisite spaces.

Timeless marble tiles and mosaics can be applied from living or working spaces to bathrooms, transforming the space with their vibrant brightness and their perception altering geometric patterns. Particularly impressive when used on entrance floors or walls, depending on the choice of design and style and combined with the right choice of colour can absolutely uplift a space.

In light colours, such as the classy grey and white tones, the outcome is a serene timeless space where the shape creates the greatest impact, while in darker colours a more dramatic effect is achieved. Finally, in combination with a bold wall paint or a lavish wallpaper the dramatic effect is taken so much further, creating a completely unexpected effect.

At Stone Group International, marble tiles and mosaics are one of our basic business activities and for this reason, we have already widened the production of our tiles, having added two production lines, as well as specialized machines in the production of mosaics and large hexagonal tiles.

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