Marble Trends for 2021 – Applications in Architecture and Design


Uses of Marble in Interior Design

Historically, from Ancient Greece and Byzantium, to the present, the most important buildings of civilized society have had central elements or investments of elegant marble. Temples, palaces, markets, courts, baths and cathedrals were the creations of a wonderful craftsmanship that transformed the well-hidden rocks into art and symbols of timeless cultural stability.

In contemporary culture, technological progress has made the use of marble more accessible in our daily lives and has cultivated its integration into applications in commercial spaces and residences, sometimes as a core material and sometimes as complementary. From building facades, floors and table surfaces, to special constructions and elegant furnishings, this beautifully transformed material has entered our spaces, creating a distinctive play of contrasts within any style or design.

Marble trends in design 2021

The dynamic modern trends of marble applications on floors, walls, kitchen countertops, bathrooms and furniture do not go unnoticed these days. The enhanced role of our spaces as shelters of calm and rest encourages the use of marble, both indoors and outdoors. Marble, as a timeless symbol of purity, has the ability to transform commercial spaces, as well as residential spaces, into balanced and healthy spaces, suitable for living and interacting. In addition, biophilic designs can and beautifully blend this purity with elements of nature, creating enhanced personal or public spaces.

Below is a summary of modern trends, through which the uniqueness of marble in design and its various applications is presented.

Marble bathrooms interiors trends

From marbles that are characterized as clean, simple and white, such as Thassos Snow White, to those with veins, like Volakas Heamus, Vox, Elba Blue and colored ones like Veria Green, Elba Grey and Hemarus, there are endless options to design and create an aesthetically special space that will meet the different requirements of designers, architects and decorators.

Regardless of the overall style of the space, marble floors and wall coverings in bathroom areas, combined with natural materials such as wood, give an organic character. Sinks and bathtubs made of marble follow a tradition from the Classical Greek Age and enhance the natural flow of water in a positive energetic way. Metal faucets can even be replaced by marble ones with natural, intact free flow, controlled by sensors that enhance friendly use.

Marble kitchen countertops trends

Marble is a favorite material of choice for kitchen countertops and tabletops. The aesthetics and the availability of a wide variety of colors, finishes and patterns, combined with the timeless beauty and durability of marble, give designers and architects the impetus to design and implement special and majestic constructions that remain unchanged over time. These unique features and elements allow the creation of bespoke pieces and works of art that set the mood and contribute to the style of the kitchen space. From a minimalist design to classic and retro, marble offers a wide variety of options.

Kitchen countertops and marble surfaces with veins have always been a favorite combination of interior designers and have become one of the most popular aesthetics in recent years. For a bright and minimalist kitchen, the all-white countertop makes an exciting combination with stainless steel appliances and white kitchen cabinets. In addition, dark marble countertops such as gray or green, offer a dramatic and sophisticated effect, which is, at the same time, elegant and vibrant. Kitchen counters with texture or veins blend beautifully with other materials to create retro and classic aesthetics.

Tip 1: For a total monochromatic result, choose the same color for the floor, kitchen cabinets, countertop and backsplash.

Tip 2: Read all the advantages of using marble for kitchen countertops and learn the 8 reasons why it is worth choosing this particular material.

Marble Floor trends

A marble floor gives validity and elegance to any space, as the material ends up being the main point of visual interest and harmoniously integrates with either wooden or metal surfaces. Marble tiles offer an endless number of combinations with which to create an aesthetically pleasing result in the space, which is why designers tend to use it more and more often.

Classic white marble is a safe choice that also forms the canvas for the creation of the overall space. White marble offers vibrancy and contributes to the aesthetic balance as it harmoniously combines with the other elements and materials in the space.

Tip: Read the tips, ways and technical specifications that you need to know for choosing the right marble tile for floors.

Marble Wall cladding trends

Marble slabs used in wall cladding determine the space in which they are integrated. Whether in residential or work areas or in bathrooms or public spaces, a wall, clad with marble, is imposing and reflects the timeless prestige, stability and brightness of the marble. The variety of colors, veins and patterns that marble offers, enable designers and architects to dress the walls with this exceptional material and create spaces of special aesthetics. In addition, these marble slabs also beautifully combine in the space with natural materials, within the framework of ecological and biophilic design.

Marble wall cladding slabs in dark colors such as green or gray are commanding, and exude a dark brightness. The gray marbles provide a neutral canvas that blends wonderfully with a wide range of colors and materials. The white marbles offer the space a simple and light style that allow for the creation of bright living rooms or bathrooms.

A very widespread technique of placing and presenting marble, which is common in wall claddings, is that of the “open book” or “book-match”. The patterns and veins that each marble surface maintains reflect each other and give the impression of a single slab.

Learn more about applications and decorative solutions with book-matched marble slabs.

Marble furniture and accessories trends

Everyday furniture and decorative objects acquire an exclusive character by incorporating marble elements into the design, resulting in making them very popular pieces. Complementary objects, such as coffee tables or end tables, are exciting little additions of luxury, yet serene, in any space. At the same time, marble adds marvelous textures and colors to the space, especially when used in combination with, or in contrast to, wooden elements.

Additionally, the variety of accessories for the home or workplace for the styling of interior areas, is constantly growing, offering unlimited combinations and small gifts of luxury to ourselves and the places where we live and work. Marble vases, bowls and pots, trays, candlesticks, kitchen accessories such as cutting surfaces and containers, marble lamps, tables and other items, are available in many shapes, sizes, colors and styles and beautifully integrate into any space, creating a special effect.

Uses of marble

Marble is an excellent material for creating spaces that reflect the serenity and purity that these modern times demand.

There are so many ways that it can be used in the design of any interior or exterior space, such as in the kitchen as a countertop, sink or even as cabinet doors. Also, when used in the bathroom, either in a light color, such as white, or in darker beautiful versions, the result is a tranquil, but at the same time, luxurious space. In addition, the applications of marble on floors, fireplaces and even outdoor fountains or walls, offer a timeless effect that upgrades the value of any property, especially when used creatively with a superb range of other materials and textures that will complement or contrast with the selected marble surfaces.

Our experienced and trained team is ready to help you choose the right marble that meets the design requirements and technical specifications of your projects or your customers.

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