Marble Projects: Uses of Marble in Interior Design


Tips on the use of marble in architectural, decorative and construction interiors projects.

Marble is a versatile and stylish material to use in interiors, in a wonderful range of colours that bring in sharp textures with beautiful and elegant pattens.

The idea of marble used in large, cold and soulless spaces showcasing luxury living or working activities is long gone.

In the past few years, this exquisite material has been a pleasure to work with in interior design, offering so many new possibilities.

Due to an exciting design twist, marble can be integrated in a space in the most unexpected, wonderful ways. It can be either used as the main piece of attention or as limited as accents and small pieces, in a great variety of styles: from classical to traditional and from modern to minimal. Regardless the overall design style and the colours used, marble offers a sense of luxury and glamour to any space.

If you consider using marble in interiors projects you have taken on, be they residential, workspace, commercial or retail, then you will find the following advice from the architect of our team to be very useful.

Use of marble on Floors

A central key piece such as a grandiose staircase or an entrance statement table are quite classic uses of marble. Also, marble is an excellent, timeless option for a floor or a wall. Usually, living room floors, especially in large spaces, have a great impact of grandiose and luxury. This feeling is even grander when some walls are covered in a beautiful marble choice, either contrasting or complementing the rest of the materials and the colours of the space.

Tip 1!: For an extravagant look, use the same marble on the floor and most walls. It will provide your space with great depth and minimalism.

Tip 2!: Read further advice on how to choose the right marble tiles for the floor. You will find useful tips and technical specifications that you should be aware of on the choice of marble for the floor.

Marble Projects: Uses of Marble in Interior Design: Dining room floor installation image with Thassos Snow White marble by Stone Group International
Thassos Snow White marble – Dining room floor installation

Use of marble in Wall Cladding

Book-matching technique create stunning focal points, especially when used in a residential entrance area or in a corporate reception and waiting area.

A great advantage when working with marble is the fact that there are so many possibilities in terms of colours and textures for the material itself. So, it could be worked with alone, choosing a dramatic colour to enhance sophistication or trusting the superb, harmonic veins to do their own magic and stand out in the design. Or, it could be paired with a carefully selected choice of wall colours, furnishing and accessories and create a unified, strong design scheme.

Tip 1: Use polished marble wall cladding in the bedroom for a boutique hotel look.

Tip 2: Find everything you need to know about marble book-matching, such as applications and solutions with marble slabs.

Use of marble in the Kitchen

Marble adds on to the aesthetics of a kitchen, where it can be used either on the countertop or as a backsplash. There are a lot of reasons to choose a marble countertop for your kitchen. A marble countertop or even an island block blends in beautifully with the kitchen cabinets either in a contrasting or complementary colour.

The backsplash elevates the kitchen design even more, always in accordance with the overall style. That is, a marble backsplash could be a plain, large slab of the same qualities as the worktop, creating a slim, sophisticated outcome. Alternatively, a beautiful range of marble mosaics can bring in a fresh, contemporary approach to the kitchen space.

Moreover, technology has enabled exciting new ways to integrate marble in the kitchen or the bathroom: kitchen and bathroom cabinets with marble doors or drawer fronts can be manufactured, as well as back lit marble furniture panels or wall coatings. In addition to that, marble coatings can be applied to ceilings after special treatment.

Marble Projects: Uses of Marble in Interior Design: Kitchen wall installation image with Pirgon white marble by Stone Group International
Pirgon white marble – Kitchen wall installation and countertop

Use of marble in the Bathroom

Needless to say, marble is an appropriate material to be used in a bathroom for a homogeneous, glorious result. Or, even at certain key elements such as the shower area, the sink countertop or the tab for a firm, modern design in balance with other appealing materials such as wood.

Marble Projects: Uses of Marble in Interior Design: Bathroom wall cladding installation image with Vermion White marble mosaics by Stone Group International
Vermion White marble mosaics – Bathroom wall cladding installation

Use of marble on Fireplaces

A large, elegant fireplace is emphasized even more when the cladding of the whole wall is in a stunning marble blending harmonically with the rest of the materials of the space. This becomes even more dramatic in a bigger space, when an adjacent wall is covered in the same marble as the fireplace wall.

Tip! Use a dark option for a moody result or a lighter one for an airy, elegant effect.

Use of marble on Columns

Marble cladding on a column is a classic and stylish choice. The result is particularly impressive, especially in an open plan space, where the structural elements stand out also as decorative items.

Marble Furniture

Marble pieces of furniture bring a unique sense of luxury and class to a living room: stools, sets of coffee tables, side tables and dining tables add the right atmosphere to the space, either in accordance or in contrast to the overall colour scheme. Due to the strong and long-lasting qualities of marble, such pieces of furniture become great “investments” as well, while bringing a luxurious and chic effect in the space.

In work environments, marble furniture can make a statement and suggest strength, stability and authority: an executive desk or a large conference table paired with the right furniture and accessories could create very impressive results.

Tip: choose a marble surface for your home study table or workstation and pair it with soft materials such as fine fabrics and curtains or a comfortable soft armchair for relaxing work breaks!

Marble Projects: Uses of Marble in Interior Design: A collection of images with marble accessories and with the title “Small doses of marble in small furniture and decorations create a sophisticated decorative proposal in the space”
Marble accessories

Marble Accessories

Taking this exciting design journey even further, a great variety of marble accessories can be brought into home or workspaces: lamps with marble elements or even as a unique piece of marble, as well as smaller accessories like candle holders, small or bigger bowls, trays in a variety of shapes and sizes, wall clocks and picture frames.

Nowadays, marble is used even further, in an exciting wide range of options. Any interior space is fresh when marble is used in moderation and in parallel to a wonderful range of materials, all blending nicely together and complementing in colours, textures and styles. Small marble inserts within a space, matched with beautiful wood textures and sleek, elegant fabrics and pieces of furniture, create an overall sophisticated room décor.   The versatility of marble supplemented by modern technology provide strong assets to the design and build professionals for the creation and utilisation of prestigious public buildings, imposing residences, high-end flagship stores, elegant luxury hotels, workspaces and wellness environments. It is an absolute joy and an intriguing commitment to explore this amazing timeless material and seek new, contemporary ways to integrate it in modern life.

As a marble supplier, we at Stone Group International offer a wide range of white and coloured marble slabs, marble tiles and mosaics, all of them suitable for any application in an interior space. Furthermore, a team of experts with deep knowledge on the material and the current needs of projects, can guide you and help you choose the appropriate marble for your project.

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