Luxury Home Decor: Discover how Greek marble can transform your luxury interior design.


What is luxury interior design, what makes a design luxury and Best Ways to Perform Luxury Interior Design Using white Marble

”Luxury is actually a state of mind, a sense of style that one has developed and follows overall, from fashion to the choice of car.”

What is Luxury Interior Design?

Luxury Interior Design is a broad creative area within the interior design world, wherein refined, high-end interiors are created in order to reflect sophistication, quality and comfort effortlessly for a particular target group. It is more than essential that luxury interior design must be perfectly executed so that the result is successful and appealing.

Luxury living room with book-match tiles of the Greek white Ajax marble as wall cladding on fireplace
Book-match installation of the Greek white Ajax marble as wall cladding of luxury fireplace

What defines Luxury Interior Design?

Emphasis should be given on the quality of all materials, furniture, accessories and lighting to be used. Also, the sense of uniqueness is equally important, as well as the fact that all choices made should reflect the personality and lifestyle of the classy client in search of an ideal space, regardless of what the shop trend might be.  

The Luxury Interior Design Applications

A luxurious environment, be it a house, a retail shop, a boutique hotel, or a yacht, sparks with comfort and the art of pampering oneself. A distinct, sophisticated aura can be felt as a sign right at the point of entering the space. However, the design components range from minimal to eclectic and maximal, so the style that suits best the particular purpose should be followed consistently and coherently for an effective result.

”The key element is personalization and creating a marble luxury home décor gallery space by bringing in your personality to your home, the space is flooded with a unique flair.”

Luxury home décor of a kitchen with slabs and tiles of the Greek dark grey Aliveri marble on the ground, countertop, and wall
Installation of Greek dark grey Aliveri marble on the floor, countertop, and wall of luxurious kitchen room

This article focuses on residential luxurious interiors and the ways in which luxury can be applied in a home creating an appealing modern marble home décor.

Ways to Create Luxury Interiors

The entrance of a luxurious home or shop should make a proper introduction to the visitor that enters the door. That is, a calming and elegant space where a statement piece of lighting suspended from the ceiling or an imposing sophisticated wall colour work their magic and contribute to a well thought of and luxurious marble room décor. Especially when used in conjunction with a timeless designer piece of furniture or a statement piece of art particularly in extra large dimensions. Marble floors offer a sense of incredible grandiose, as do walls with gold or brass elements. Also, marble can be used to clad walls and vertical surfaces.

Marble is an excellent natural material to be used in order to complete the search of luxury, offering a variety of ways to discover modern home design.

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Large sofas in sophisticated shapes, for instance curved, offer the ultimate pieces of furniture for a luxury interior design. They bring in softness and a sense of calmness to the space. Statement colors such as purple, dark blue or taupe, complement the space and introduce the sense of timeless home design.

Luxury living room with book-match slabs in wall cladding, from the dark grey Greek Camouflage marble with veins
The dark grey Greek Camouflage marble applied as bookmatch in wall cladding of luxury living room

Also, textures as well as wood, silk, velvet and faux fur add warmth and uniqueness to a home while keeping the luxurious vibe. Fabrics of high quality such as linen or bouclé elevate a minimal space in a laid-back way. Furthermore, a high-style printed wallpaper adds drama to the space in the most stylish way. You can upscale your space even further by using wall panelling and creating a grand, fresh and lavish result that breaks free of traditional ideas.

In addition to the above, a stylish, smooth rug and a good variety of decorative cushions in different stunning fabrics bring in a wonderful collection of textures and create a cosy and vibrant space using few materials. The finishing of materials and a refined home décor to match and explore the site are the key factors in enhancing the space in terms of luxury.

Glossy tiles and slabs of grey marble Tuono Blue on the floor and wall surface of the living room wall
The Greek grey Tuono Blue marble applied on the floor and wall cladding of luxurious living room

Marble, the luxurious element

Marble has been a natural material providing luxurious results for centuries and adds elegance and value to a luxury home interior, even when used with vibrant colours such as pink, yellow or gold. Due to its impeccable quality, it has been widely used in palaces, grand sculptures and iconic buildings all over the world. In modern times, marble is a natural stone used either to highlight certain parts or to make a greater impact and create lavish floor or wall cladding surfaces within a home. 

A marble home staircase can be a state-of-the-art design element, creating an imposing focal point especially if the overall environment is quite minimal or contemporary. Marble décor elements in furniture such a dining table and coffee or side tables, bring in a timeless element and elevate the furniture and the overall design.  

Luxury bathroom with slabs and tiles from the Greek Titanium Black marble on the floor and wall
Installation of the Greek Titanium Black marble on the floor and wall cladding of luxurious bathroom

Marble can also elevate bathrooms, either as the only material to be used for an all-marble effect in the bathroom and a natural aesthetic, or as touches of luxury such as sink units, showers or walls. In a similar manner as in the bathroom, you can use white marble in your kitchen in order to bring the cabinets to life with marble countertops and backsplash or to create a stunning kitchen island.

Greek Marbles Suitable for Luxury Interiors

Depending on the interior design approach and the color palette of a project, a great variety of Greek marbles are suitable to offer a luxurious effect in an interior design project. From bathrooms to kitchen honed or polished countertops, as well as the use in bedrooms. The choice of color, the veins and the patterns of the marble slab of your choice would blend in harmonically and beautifully with the range of furniture, the lighting and the fabrics to be used. For example, if in need of a serene and elegant environment, a white marble such as Thassos Snow White, Volakas, Elba White, Pirgon, Fusion, Prima, Tinos, or Pentelikon would be an excellent choice.

Luxury bedroom with large book-match slabs of the green Tinos marble in wall cladding
Application of Greek green Tinos marble in book-match wall cladding of luxurious bedroom

On the other hand, if you are seeking for an entire wall as a statement, for example a bedroom fireplace or a staircase to create an exciting focal point, then marbles such as Titanium Black or Veria Green would be the ones that would do the trick.

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The Use of White Marbles in Luxury Interior Design

Best Ways to Perform Luxury Interior Design for your Home, Using Greek white Marble

There are so many possibilities when working with white marble. A white marble can be Integrated in a luxury interior design scheme and a marble luxury home décor either on its own, or in conjunction with a sophisticated colour palette to complement and enhance the luxurious design.

👉 Luxurious interior design works best in large spaces and the use of white marble on living room floors provides a great impact of elegance and grandiose.

👉 The choice of polished white marble for a wall cladding in an entrance hall, in a living room or in a bedroom offers a luxurious boutique hotel style.

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Luxury living room space with large bookmatch slabs of the Greek white Thassos marble, with veins, in wall cladding
The Greek white Thassos marble with veins, applied on book-match wall cladding of luxurious living room

The use of white marble for a Luxury Living Room

Also, a white marble floor contributes in the best way to the sense of luxury and elegance in a home. Furthermore, a marble fireplace can be a statement design element in conjunction with an accent wall and a carefully thought of living room displaying a wonderful range of textures, fabrics and colours.

Astonishing living room with large book-match slabs of the popular Greek white Volakas marble in the wide luxury fireplace
Installation of the famous Greek white Volakas marble in book match fireplace cladding of luxurious living room

The use of white marble for a Luxury Kitchen

White marble décor adds wonderfully on to the aesthetics of a kitchen, too. It can be used either as countertops or as a backsplash, providing your kitchen with durability, timelessness and a luxe look.

For an absolute unique result in marble home decor, do use white marble as a waterfall countertop to your luxurious kitchen island: the countertop continuing down the sides of the units to the floor provides a wrapping effect. And of course, a marble sink would be an excellent choice in terms of style and durability, creating the same look all over the countertop.

The use of white marble for a Luxury Bathroom

Furthermore, the use of white marble in a bathroom brings in a luxurious and glorious feeling. It can be used as the only material of the space, creating a homogenous, luxurious result in bathrooms or, it can be used at certain places for a more modern luxurious approach, for instance at the sink unit or the shower area. A greater sense of luxury is achieved with the use of gold faucets and accessories in the bathroom.

Luxurious total white bathroom and shower with slabs and tiles of Greek white Pirgon Delta marble
Application of Greek white Pirgon Delta marble on the floor, countertop, and walls of luxurious bathroom and shower

The luxury effect of white marble furniture

Marble can also be integrated in a luxurious home décor as part of the furniture of the space: dining tables, coffee tables, side tables receive a luxurious touch when marble is inserted in bigger or smaller parts of them.

Collage with different small furniture and round tables from marble
Installation of natural marble stone in small furniture and tables

Where to Find Greek Marble to Transform your Luxury Interior Design

At Stone Group International a wide range of white, grey and colored marble solutions, marble blocks, slabs, marble tiles and mosaics is available, all of them suitable for any application in an interior space. Furthermore, a team of experts with deep knowledge on the natural material and the current needs of projects, can offer tips and guide you in order to shop the appropriate marble for your project.

If you’re looking to learn more about marble products and natural stones, Stonegroup is here to help. As one of the most well-known marble suppliers in Europe, our team can answer any questions you may have about the production process and how to best take advantage of these materials. And if you’re still unsure about whether to contact us, we invite you to explore our blog and read additional articles to gain more insight into our expertise.

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