Ioannis Antoniadis is awarded as “Master of Stone” worldwide!


The president of Stone Group International, Ioannis Antoniadis, was honored as “Master of Stone” globally, during the most significant evening gala in the frame of Marmo+mac 2017, Verona, Italy.
Ioannis Antoniadis was honored for “his ability to grasp the evolution of the market by organizing the company through innovative business planning. By concentrating on his extravert character, detailed knowledge of the material and the status of world market, he managed to ensure that his company is among the leaders in the world”. His name was recorded in the Book of “Master of Stone”, who contributed most to the marble industry. The “Master of Stone” insignia, is a cube of Verona red marble with a bronze plaque of the Guild and a silver chisel.
The event took place during Marmo+mac Night, the gala evening organized by Veronafiere, in the Italian Stone Theatre of the show.

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