How to choose the right marble floor tiles


Tips, ways & technical specifications you need to know when choosing marble tiles for floors.

From antiquity to the present, the need for people to shape their personal space, based on their individual aesthetics, is evident. This is especially true when the space in question is their home, as the choice of building materials also reflects the personality and philosophy of the occupants. In the past, the choices were largely based on practicality and everyday needs and the construction of a solid and reliable floor was one of the first factors to be considered.

In these modern times, there is a wide range of options available that combines both durability and an aesthetically high result, which is required when it comes to investing in the flooring of a house. Below you will find everything you need to know about the tiles that you will choose to cover the floors of your project.

Common materials that can be used when investing in flooring

The first thing you must consider is whether the floor you want to tile is indoors or outdoors. Many important parameters, such as material, color, texture and the aesthetic continuity with the interior of the house, will depend on this.

In general, outdoor areas need to be tiled with anti-slip and highly resistant materials to be able to withstand different weather conditions. For indoor floor surfaces, you must take into consideration the room in which the tiles will be laid, the presence of pets and small children, available budget, but also the ease of installation and maintenance. The most common choices of tile construction materials are:

  • Granite: an especially favored stone in home construction and decoration. In gray or black tones, it manages to give a special look. Don’t overlook, however, the finish, to get a non-slip texture, as it is quite slippery when it gets wet.
  • Travertine: It is considered an appropriate choice for those who want to combine economy with a luxurious appearance. You will need to take care to ensure the good quality of the material.
  • Ceramic or porcelain: A high strength material, waterproof and with small pores, suitable for interior and exterior settings. However, it often presents difficulties with its durability and as a consequence, with its preservation over time.
  • Wood: It is a timeless choice and adds warmth to a space. However, it requires very careful maintenance.

Marble: Classic and elegant, gives an especially majestic look as a final result and is characterized by its high resistance to time. A material that has been used since antiquity in constructions that aimed at the feeling of grandeur, it is widely preferred in the interiors and exteriors of the contemporary home. It is available in a wide variety of colors from white to beige, gray and black or enriched with veins that make it unique. Marble is an all time classic choice for your floor covering.

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Why should you choose marble tiles for your floor project

This precious stone is highly valued for its natural beauty and is considered a top choice for home and professional or commercial flooring in modern industry. As a natural material, each piece has a unique form; you will never come across two identical marble tiles. The style that the marble surface gives to the space in which it will be placed is unparalleled, while the design and the feeling of the space that will be covered are extremely upgraded. A very important advantage for indoor flooring is that the properties of marble make it a good conductor of heat, as it effectively reflects the heat produced by the internal heating of the home, while at the same time, due to its permanent natural coldness as a material, it manages to keep the area cool during the summer.

In addition, this particular material can be polished multiple times without damage and still maintain a shiny and smooth finish. This feature enhances its clarity in natural light, adding exceptional beauty as sunlight falls to the floor. In the case that you choose marble tiles for a porch, staircase or other outdoor area, it is important to know that the stone is waterproof, extremely resistant to sudden changes in temperature and with proper treatment can be made non-slip.

Finally, another reason why it is worth choosing marble tiles for your project is the possibility of procuring it in very large dimensions. To be even more specific, marble is available from dimensions of just 1 x 1 cm to as large a dimension as you want.

How to choose marble tiles for your floor

If you have chosen to invest in marble for your flooring project, you need to think about how to choose the right tiles. Following, are important factors that will guide you:

  • Intended use: In a home or business, kitchen, living room or bedroom, hammam, yard or shopping mall, different requirements are expected depending on the frequency of use, thickness of the material, absorbency and the climate to which it will be exposed.
  • Non-slip: The indoor installation of marble tiles does not actually produce a greater degree of slippage in comparison to other widely used floor coverings. However, in order to avoid accidents, a treatment of the marble floor is often chosen to give it a non-slip texture. The proposed finishing techniques, which are usually preferred for outdoor applications, e.g., Ηoned, Brushed, Deep Brushed, Bush Hammered, etc., reduce cases of slippage, and if carried out correctly, do not alter the quality or appearance of the material.
  • Color: It is known that marble is mined in a wide variety of colors and shades, from very dark to white tones. The results are different degrees of reflection of light and visual effects within the area of the space. A common practice is to select dark-colored marble in outdoor spaces with a larger area or in brightly lit areas, while light-colored marble is usually chosen for smaller surfaces that are poorly lit.
  • General design of the room, space or building: you will have to decide if the style of the marble floor you are designing will be a smooth match or will create an interesting contrast with the rest of the space.
  • Marble pattern: As a polymorphic material, marble allows you to choose monochrome, multicolor or the presence of veins on your floor. Unique patterns can be created depending on the placement and laying of the tiles, a process to which the Dry-Lay process and the different methods of placing marble with veins contribute significantly.
  • Tile dimensions: It is very important to choose the right size tiles in order to achieve the best aesthetic result that will highlight your space.

What technical specifications should you consider when choosing marble floor tiles

In addition to the above, you should also take into account the required technical specifications for the selection of marble which consist of a series of characteristics of petrographic and mineralogical analysis. Each technical characteristic is assigned an indicator, which varies depending on the material. A useful suggestion is to ask your supplier about water absorption, hardness and slip resistance. Do not forget to mention the space and the use for which the marble tiles are intended!

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What are the ideal marbles for flooring

For investing in marble floor coverings, there are various solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces covering the technical specifications of all projects, but also any aesthetic approach. Ideal floor coverings we would like to mention are: Thassos Snow White, Elba Blue, Elba Gray, Pirgon, Volakas Haemus, Vox, Prima and Vermion White.

With an annual dynamic productivity of 640,000 square meters of tiles and top mechanical equipment, Stone Group International stands by you and your needs, ready to meet even the highest project requirements.

Our experienced team can study all the details of your project and find the solution that best suits you.

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