How can Artificial Intelligence ensure the automated sorting of marble tiles?


Geoffrey: Meet the world’s only automatic marble tile sorter

Alexis Dionysatos,
Marketing Manager &
Project Manager of Automated Sorting System development.
August, 2021

How many times have you received marble tiles different from the ones you have ordered?

Sorting marble tiles is not an easy task. For years this work has been based exclusively on the human factor. However, the involvement of the human factor is often not enough to ensure objective selection and sorting. As skilled and trained as the human eye may be, it is almost certain that it cannot achieve high levels of accuracy, which, as a result, often leads to confusion between the sorting categories of marble tiles.

Even today, the process of sorting marble tiles still seems complex to marble suppliers, while the non-objective Sorting and Quality Assurance in a natural material such as marble, is a serious problem for construction project managers, as well as for marble dealers.

A subjective look at the sorting of marble tiles often leads to flawed assessments. As a result, the market is being supplied with finished products different from what they should be.
Architects, decorators, construction project managers and tile dealers are often exposed, as they cannot guarantee objective quality assurance.

Obstacles to marble sorting: when nature acts… contradictory

The sorting of marble slabs and tiles is the process of grouping them into quality categories, according to specific characteristics. A superior quality of marble, i.e. without marks, defects or impurities, accounts for higher prices, but sorting is not the only factor that determines the price of the material.

Factors such as the technical characteristics of the marble (strength, hardness, water absorption), its morphological characteristics (according to its composition, if it shows spots or veins that make it unique) or the structural characteristics of the marble, can also categorize it in the market.

This process is usually undertaken by specialized professionals in the marble industry who visually recognize the characteristics of each marble slab and tile and classify them on a case-by-case basis.

However, this subjective view often leads to faulty assessments. In the end, an incorrect assessment in the sorting of marble results in the market eventually obtaining products different than those they should be. At the same time, architects, decorators and those responsible for construction projects are often exposed, since they cannot guarantee the desired aesthetic end result. The final recipient of this process is always the intermediary or last customer, who receives a raw material that ultimately does not give the desired look and may have cost more than expected.

In addition, the visual sorting of marble does not allow for the collection of production data in real time, another factor which increases production costs.

Geoffrey is the first automatic marble tile sorter that,
with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies,
along with Data Analysis, recognizes the faults of selected white marbles
and classifies them into sorting categories in an objective and reliable way.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Solving the years of problems

The problem of correctly sorting marble finally finds its solution! Thanks to high technology, with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, the process of sorting marble slabs and tiles is automated, giving the best possible results and ensuring uniformity, objectivity and high quality.

See how Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are applied & automate the sorting of marble tiles.

Meet Geoffrey, the only Automatic Tile Sorter in the world

At Stone Group International we have already provided the solution to the marble sorting problem, having integrated Technical Intelligence into our production line, thus automating the process in a fast, smart and efficient way. Geoffrey is the only Automatic Tile Sorter in the world!

This is an automatic tile sorter that applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies with Data Analysis, recognizing the faults of white marbles (Thassos Snow White, Volakas, Elba Blue, Vox, Electron, Vermion White), and grouping them accordingly. It is estimated that its efficiency will soon reach 95%, something which far exceeds that of the human eye which is easily affected by natural light or fatigue.

The marble tiles are easily and quickly scanned, while simultaneously being classified into categories in an objective and reliable manner. At the same time, each customer can download the “What’s in the box” application on their mobile phone, which can receive, with just one click, the information needed for each tile palette they will receive, even seeing detailed photos of each product.

See how, with the mobile application “What’s in the box”, you can receive all the necessary information relating to your order.

At Stone Group International, with innovative ideas and the creation of appropriate tools that add extra value and benefit to our partnerships, we find solutions to every problem.

By consistently applying all the latest technologies (artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality) in the sorting of marble tiles, we ensure our customers high quality raw materials, offering them a unique comparative advantage over their competitors.

To learn more about the solutions offered by the automated sorting of marble tiles with AI, in your own construction project or business, contact us.

Alexis Dionysatos,

Marketing Manager &

Project Manager of Automated Sorting System development.

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