EUR 15 million BSTDB loan to Stone Group International


Strengthening its engagement in Greece’s economy, BSTDB will provide a EUR 15 million loan to Stone Group International (Marmor SG SA).The seven-year BSTDB loan will help advance expansion of Marmor’s production capacity and upgrade its equipment base. The operation will reinforce further the company’s competitive position as exporter to the countries of the Black Sea region and beyond. Marmor has a strong export-oriented profile, selling 90% of its products to more than 80 countries, including BSTDB Member States such as Turkey, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania.“We are pleased to assist growth of an industry leader and exporter operating in one of the less developed areas of Greece. This underscores our commitment to supporting economic development and job creation in our host country at a time of its utmost need”, said Ihsan Ugur Delikanli, BSTDB President after the signing of the loan agreement in Thessaloniki. Commenting on the deal, Ioannis Antoniadis, President of Marmor said: “Our partnership with such a prestigious international organization as the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, emphasizes the developmental nature of our investment plan. We are very pleased to sign this important loan agreement with the Bank, which will provide our group with the means to maintain our outward looking business strategy and stand out as an ambassador of Greek marble production internationally”.

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