Breitwieser Event


Stone Group International was proud to attend the “360° PERSPEKTIVEN” event, on November 16th, 2017 in Austria which was organized by our partner Breitwieser Stone World. The Breitwieser showroom in Tulln was transformed into an empirical world for architects and designers from all over Austria. During this event SGI had the opportunity to showcase its own view of the ‘360° perspective’. Our presentation emphasized our passion for marble combined with cutting-edge technology, which resulted in the creation of a 360° Virtual Reality Tour in our Pirgon quarry, This virtual tour offers the experience of an amazing journey that begins with the extraction of marble – and ends to the global recognition of Pirgon quarry as one of the largest white marble quarries in Europe. Companies around the world gathered to Tulln to experience the “360° PERSPEKTIVEN” event and became witnesses of its reshaping into a forum for natural stone and marble design and crafts, technology and lifestyle. Our company was honored to be present in such a unique event and to have the opportunity to present the 360° VR Experience, live.

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