Best Communicator Award in Stone category


Stone Group International at Marmo+mac 2019

Attending major trade fairs around the world is an essential part of Stone Group International’s activity, given the clearly export-oriented nature of the company. For us, the Marmo+mac international fair held in Verona, Italy, represents one of the most important meeting points with the marble industry. Every year, it brings us great joy and honor to meet with our existing customers and get in touch with new people who share our love for and interest in marble.

W BAR concept

W Bar was the concept of the pavilion that travelled to the exhibitions we attended around the world in 2019. The goal of this year’s pavilion was to create a space where visitors could get a good impression of our marbles, but mostly to feel comfortable and communicate meaningfully with our company. This is why we have consistently chosen ample spaces for our stands over the years. In 2019, we enriched our pavilion – whose key feature in the past three years has been our White Marble Culture concept – with a noticeably enhanced concept of hospitality, including W Bar in the design of the exhibit space. Besides, this sense of hospitality and our open invitation to visitors to become part of our White Marble Culture represent our company’s culture in general, forming an integral part of our comprehensive approach to our relationship with customers and partners.

W BAR Architectural concept

Over the years, exceptional aesthetic quality has consistently remained Stone Group International’s priority in the design of our pavilions. It is not by chance that our company has received several awards for its exhibit spaces. In 2019, white marble was once again the main feature of the design, harmoniously combined with other materials, such as glass and steel, creating an impressive, mimimalist environment with clear-cut lines and atmospheric lighting.

Best Communicator Award in the Stone category

W bar’s journey to Marmo+mac 2019 ended on a high note. W Bar was this year’s winner of the “Best Communicator Award” in the Stone category, clearly standing out for its design and impressive character.

According to organizers, Marmo+mac’s “Best Communicator Award” is presented to companies whose pavilions communicate not just their constructional and decorative prowess, but also their values and philosophy. This is precisely the factor that increases the significance of the award and our own joy for receiving it.

In this video, Stone Group International’s Marketing Manager, Alexis Dionysatos, discusses the Best Communicator Award distinction.

Meanwhile, during the exhibition, our company presented a number of new materials, innovations and original applications to visitors of its pavilion. Specifically, visitors had the opportunity to learn about the following developments:

New Greek marbles and the opening of a new quarry

Specifically, they were informed about the new marbles that have been added to Stone Group International’s collection, such as Mistral, Ostria, Artesian Grey, Damastas, Silver Grey and Hemarus Grey. They also learned about the new, privately-owned quarry of the company, where Hemarus Grey is extracted. Watch this video to take a closer look at Stone Group International’s new quarry near Kavala.

Artificial intelligence & its application in tile sorting

Visitors had the opportunity to learn about our company’s Automatic Tile Sorting machine, which uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to effortlessly and precisely identify tile defects, sorting them accordingly. Get to know our Automatic Tile Sorting machine that goes by the name of Geoffrey.

High technology in production

Furthermore, our customers were updated on the applications and benefits of the latest technologies introduced in our new tile and mosaic production lines. Specifically, they learned how high-tech production lines can boost production capacity and speed, while meeting the highest quality standards.

Innovative digital applications

Our visitors were particularly impressed, however, with the “touch & feel” tables of our pavilion, which offered a digital presentation of our company and marbles. Moreover, each visitor had the opportunity to individually deploy and handle a digital presentation. A special feature identified 12 selected pieces of marble, as the visitor simply passed the marble over the table’s surface.

W Bar’s journey for 2019 was concluded at Marmo+mac. We are grateful to all our customers and visitors to our pavilion who honored us by warmly interacting with our social media accounts.

We are looking forward to welcoming you again at the next exhibition!

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