Architectural proposals on contemporary design: How to use marble effectively in a bathroom


Special cases & Useful architectural advice on the use of marble in a bathroom

As a timeless material, marble has always been an excellent choice for a bathroom, even since the Roman public baths. This wonderful stone, more versatile than ever nowadays, being produced in a beautiful wide range of variations and possibilities, brings a luxurious and elegant touch to any space.

When it comes to bathroom design and in complement to the layout of the space and the materials of the sanitary ware and the accessories to be used, the overall aesthetics achieved can be from minimal to classical. Due to the uniqueness of every piece, the result is very impressive and one of a kind.

Marble is available in a wide variety of colours as well as stunning multi-colour mixes, providing exciting options for a variety of decorative schemes. As far as dimensions are concerned, marble can be found in amazing options from large tiles to varying forms and sizes of mosaics, allowing endless combinations in terms of colour, shape and size.

Useful advice on the use of marble in bathroom projects

There are so many ways in which marble could be used in a bathroom. The way that an architect, an interior designer, or a contractor will choose to use this natural material, depends mainly on the style to be followed. From time to time, we are asked to provide a solution to various commercial and residential bathroom projects. Taking into consideration the needs of our co-operators, as well as the trends in contemporary design, we recorded the following practical advices that we believe the professionals taking on bathroom projects will find useful.

  1. Use of marble in a “small” bathroom space

Marble in the bathroom offers a complete, unified look even in small spaces. Do not feel reluctant to use a darker option for the floor. It will uplift the walls and offer drama and character to your small bathroom.

  1. Use of marble in a “large” bathroom space

In a larger master bathroom, we suggest you choose different sizes of marble tiles for the floor and the walls. The variation in sizes provide an exciting flow and movement to the space. Moreover, if you combine them with a contrasting wall paint on some key structural elements such as a niche, a beam, or a column, the veins of the marble will be highlighted, creating a stunning result.

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  1. Marble monochrome in a bathroom space

A monochrome marble choice would also work perfectly, provided it would be used in conjunction with a beautiful choice of decorative elements to break up the monotony: choose an impressive lighting fixture or any seating and framed artwork in harmony or in contrast to the space. This way, a personal yet stylish space of high aesthetics is created.

  1. White marble in a bathroom

Alternatively, a shiny white bathroom would come to life with an interesting contrasting wall in slate or even as dark as black. At the same time, monochrome would still be the concept.

  1. Dark marble in a bathroom

Furthermore, the wonderful details of a dark veined marble will stand out impressively with a simple approach such as fully integrated faucets and plain countertop area. The veins will be the focal point of the bathroom, creating a very impressive result. The beautiful timeless warmth brought in by a warm wood colour matching or contrasting the chosen marble material constitutes an added value to the bathroom space, providing a superb, sophisticated combination.

! Tip: for a more eccentric and luxurious result, combine marble with gold and mirrored furniture and accessories and lavish lighting fixtures.

  1. Colour, sizes and shapes combination of marble in a bathroom

A drastic approach would be to mix the shapes, the size, the colours and the veins of the marble of your choice.

  1. Hexagon marble mosaics

Hexagon mosaics and tiles showcase the wonderful marble veining and create beautiful patterns on the surface they have been applied on. Mix them with metal, stone and glass for a harmonious and timeless result.

  1. Large formats in a bathroom

Often, large formats are used for the sink and the tub or the shower. We suggest you match them with large marble tiles for the floor and the walls, in order to create a plain and elegant result. A good choice of colour to the space could be brass fixtures, keeping this way a minimal and clean contemporary outcome.

! Tip: For another contemporary look, put together large veined marble tiles to highlight the natural veining of the material and create a beautiful visual result.

Be aware of the methods of placing marble with veins. Read instructions with photos.

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Use of marble in the case of a bathroom renovation

There is no need to remodel the whole bathroom to create totally new aesthetics, if technically everything works fine. In this case, we suggest you upgrade your project simply by changing the floor, the wall areas of the shower and the countertop to marble and achieve a timeless look.

How to choose the appropriate marble for the bathroom

Upon deciding on appropriate marble to be used in your bathroom, the following factors are very important and you should be aware of them beforehand: the technical specifications of the material, as well as the finishes that can be applied on its surface, in order to have the right aesthetic and technical result.

Use and Maintenance of marble in the bathroom

The frequency of use, the right use of the bathroom, the appropriate cleaning and the maintenance directly affect the life span of your marble floors and walls. Moreover, the installation is a key factor to an astonishing and long-lasting result. For this reason, it is particularly important to choose the right technical crew that will take care of the right installation.

In terms of use and routine maintenance, pay particular attention to the polishing of marble, making sure your choice could be less polished to avoid very slippery surfaces. Alternatively, the use of rugs in certain high traffic areas would help greatly. Also, marble must be sealed and cleaned regularly to avoid having stains, moisture problems or scratches.

The marble bathroom floor would require sweeping and damp moping as would any ceramic floor. Strong cleaning solutions should be avoided, especially the acid-based ones, as they could cause etching or damage to the sealer.

In any case, marble is an appropriate material for many decoration styles from contemporary to traditional and from modern to classic. When deciding on the design to be followed in your bathroom and the style you wish to achieve, do not be afraid to mix shapes, patterns and sizes in order to create your vision and to match them with certain decorative elements such as wall paints, wallpaper, impressive light fixtures and small pieces of furniture.

Also, make sure you decide on the most appropriate finishing for your case and that you are aware of the maintenance required for a beautiful long-lasting result. The choices are endless and it is all up to the right design according to the needs and requirements for the use of the space, the right installation of the chosen marble pieces and the right use and maintenance of the finished bathroom for timeless elegance.

Στη Stone Group International διαθέτουμε μία ευρεία γκάμα white and coloured μαρμάρων, πλακών, marbles, blocks, that are suitable for bathroom use. Moreover, a team of specialists, with thorough knowledge on the material and the current project’s needs, can guide you and help you choose the appropriate marble for your project.

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