THASSOS SNOW WHITE: Everything you need to know about the whitest marble in the world


All about the white marble Thassos Snow White: quarries, types, selections, technical characteristics, finishes, uses and applications in architecture and design

It is not simply a white marble; It is the whitest marble in the world. Thassos Snow White, the famous type of Thassos marble, has a unique crystal color that gives an incomparable sense of luxury and elegance. The crystals on its surface are responsible for the whitest of whites! This is the main reason why it remains a top choice for architects and interior designers around the world. Thassos marble is quarried in Thassos, a small Greek island where there are found some of the oldest quarries in Greece.

Image of Thassos Snow White marble Quarry in Thassos island, Northern Greece owned by Stone Group International
Thassos Snow White marble quarry in Thassos island, Northern Greece owned by Stone Group International

Which are the most famous Greek marbles?

With almost 80 active quarries and 15 factories, Greece is a traditionally rich place on earth where marble is extracted, while some of the different varieties of marbles and their origin locations are recognized internationally with their names:

Thassos Snow White:

It is a pure white marble with crystal color and very high sun reflection. From walls and countertops to floors and statues, this marble offers a sense of luxury and a unique natural beauty result wherever placed.

Image of the white Thassos marble slab
White Greek Thassos marble slab


The famous Pentelikon marble has a great history, since the Parthenon, Erechthion and other famous temples, monuments and statues of Athens in ancient times, were crafted out of it. It has unique white, gray or green veins, and it is characterized by its purity, clarity and permeability.

Volakas Haemus:

It is mined in the region of Volakas, in Drama, Greece. It is a white marble with discrete gray or brown veins and clouds which make it recognizable and give a great versatility in every use. It has many types, all of which have a special identity, different from other marbles.

Image of Volakas white marble slab with grey and brown diagonal veins
White marble slab from Volakas Greek marble with grey and brown diagonal veins


Marble Pirgon is quarried in the well-known quarry of Pyrgoi, Drama, Greece. This natural stone is available in 5 types (Pirgon Alas, Pirgon Mist, Pirgon Nivatus, Pirgon Delta, Pirgon Ebru Arabesque), each one offering a unique, compact, elegant result with different veining patterns and clouds. They are all perfectly combined with other marbles with great compatibility and give a discretely luxurious result in every room.

Image of samples of 5 white marble slabs with veins – Pirgon, Ebru Arabesque, Alas, Nivatus, Delta, Mist
Slabs samples of 5 types of the white Greek Pirgon marble, from Drama, Northern Greece

Other well-known Greek marbles also include Kavalas (Hemarus), Verias (Veria Green & Vermion White), Naxos, Tinos etc., each with exceptional, fine, unique features.

Image of a luxury living room with a shiny white marble floor with Thassos tiles installed in the floor
Thassos white marble application on a luxury living room floor

What makes Thassos Snow White Marble so different?

Thassos Snow White Marble is the whitest marble in the world! It is a pure white marble with extremely light, crystal-clear color and very high sun reflection. This marble is superior to other materials not only due to its hardness, but also due to its consistency, beauty,and other physical characteristics, which offer dozens of different decoration options in interior and exterior usage, giving each space a sense of timeless luxury. 

Thassos Snow White has been chosen for numerous applications in domestic and professional buildings, turning them into masterpieces. Its regal, distinguished result always ensures an excellent result in every place.

Rectangular Thassos Snow white marble tiles applied on a minimal living room floor
Greek marble Thassos Snow white applied on a living room floor

Which types of Thassos marble exist?

Thassos marble has been the most famous marble in the history of the world. Although it is believed that the term “Thassos marble” defines only one type of Thassos stone, there is a further categorization which mainly regards their external differentiation. More specifically, we encounter three different types:

1. Thassos marble: Thassos Snow White

It is the most famous Thassos marble. With a magnificent white color and a shiny bright surface, Thassos Snow White is a total white marble whose fine white, polished surface accounts for its extraordinary beauty. It can be used both in interior and exterior space.

Image of a marble slab of the well-known white Thassos marble
Slab from the whitest marble in the world from Thassos island, Northern Greece

2. Thassos marble: Thassos Vein Cut

Thassos Vein Cut is a variety of Thassos Snow White, the whitest marble in the world. A modern stone with light veins that ultimately maintain its purity and brightness. Even though it is not infamous, it is almost the same material as the previous one, as it is quarried in the same region. Its discrete veins mainly account for its differentiation, giving an unusual aesthetic result according to the way it is cut.

Thassos Vein Cut white marble slab with soft and discreet veins
White slab with soft and discreet veins from the Thassos Vein Cut white marble

3. Thassos marble: Thassos Golden Radix

Thassos Golden Radix is a rare, premium stone, a type of the well-known pure white Thassos marble. This material is special because of its golden veins that remind of tree roots. This premium stone is preferred by numerous architects and interior designers around the world. Each of its book-match presentation is a unique piece of art.

White marble slab with golden and brown diagonal roots from the Greek white Thassos Golden Radix marble
White slab from Thassos Golden Radix marble with golden and brown diagonal roots on the background

Discover more Greek marbles suitable for interior architectural projects.

Which are the main selections of Thassos Snow White Marble?

Based on the way it is created, every piece of marble has unique quality characteristics, like density or hardness, while the structural characteristics that are formed during the process of the material’s creation give to every marble block and slab different color, veins, and consistency. Thus, what ultimately differentiate the varieties of marble from one another are the visual and technical characteristics of the material.

But does Thassos marble have quality sorting? And how easy or difficult can such a categorization be for the particular material? Thassos marble does indeed show some basic quality variations, which are sometimes likely to differ between suppliers. But what differentiates Thassos marble from most marbles is that these quality selections are really difficult to distinguish, as the material manages and maintains, in all selections, both its technical characteristics, as well as its unimaginable beauty and whiteness.

Every manufacturer, architect, or interior designer needs to think carefully of the technical and aesthetical requirements of a project and, under the appropriate guidance, to choose the right qualitative selection accordingly.

Image of 3 impressive book-matches from the white Greek Thassos Golden Radix marble with golden and brown roots
3 different bookmatches from the white Greek Thassos Golden Radix marble with golden and brown veins

Which are the technical characteristics of Thassos Marble?

The technical characteristics of marble are mainly related to the reaction of the material to environmental or other conditions and should be taken into consideration before the final choice for a project. It is extremely important to be informed, in order to choose the right material in every project, both in terms of aesthetics and practicality. It is worth mentioning that Thassos Snow White marble manages to maintain its temperature lower than the one of the environments. Look at the following table with the analysis of its technical characteristics:

Image of the Technical specifications board of the white Greek Thassos marble
Technical specifications board of the white Greek Thassos marble

Which are the different finishes of Thassos Snow White Marble?

Processing a marble slab can give a different appearance and finish to its surface, which matters for its practical and design applications, offering dozens of difference choices in architecture and design which emphasize the uniqueness and concreteness of the material.

Some of the most characteristic finishes that marble material can receive are the following: Brushed, Bush Hammered, Honed, Polished and Sand Blasted. However, Thassos marble is such a unique material that no one actually tries to modify its surface, rather only to highlight its purity and brilliance. Therefore, architects, interior designers, decorators and end customers prefer and choose the following two treatments. After all, this is also our suggestion as marble suppliers.

  • Polished: It is the most widespread form of marble finishes which gives the natural stones the classic smooth, reflective look, bringing out its natural beauty. The material reflects the light and acts like a mirror.
  • Honed, Matte or Satin: This finish gives the white marble a smooth, non-glossy essence, with a very low brightness, definitely lower than the one we encounter to polished stones.
Thassos white marble tiles installed in a bedroom flooring
Thassos Snow White Greek marble applied on a bedroom floor

The “polished” finish is the most well-known for white Thassos marble, as it is the one that showcases this specific material because of its crystal synthesis that reminds of a diamond. This is why it is mostly preferred by its buyers.

Which are the most common uses and applications of Thassos marble in architecture and interior design?

Marble as a material is a multidimensional, elegant natural stone that gives a sense of luxury and harmony in every space. Its different samples with numerous finishes, colors and stylish patterns permit its application and wonderful combinations in interior design, that could represent the traditional, modern, or minimal style.

Rectangular Thassos white marble tiles installed in a living room floor
Thassos Snow white Greek marble installed in a living room floor
Square Greek Thassos white marble tiles applied on a minimal bedroom floor
Thassos Snow Greek marble applied on a bedroom floor

Thassos Snow White marble supports every possible application. It is used on floors, walls, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, fireplace designs, pillars or even furniture, offering a pitch of elegance and glory in every application. Marble mosaics or tiles offer a range of incredible surface consistency, shapes and colors when used on walls or floor. They can be combined with many other materials, rendering a unique geometrical result (hexagon, chevron, herringbone, square, 3d cube or basket), and giving minimalistic or maximalistic shapes with extremely elegant sense in the room. Samples of white marble that are used in large pieces on floors are very impressive, since they can really upgrade a space with the appropriate choice of color and pattern.

Besides, flexibility in using the white marble of Thassos is one of the main reasons why it remains a top choice for architects, interior designers and building managers.

Stone Group International has signed numerous Projects worldwide, with the application of Thassos Snow White marble.

Stone Group International has been responsible for many projects around the world. Four Seasons Surf Club in Miami is a representative example, where Thassos Snow White and Pirgon marbles were chosen for the application in bathrooms and the rest interior hotel spaces, giving an extremely high-class and luxurious result.

White Thassos marble tiles applied on a minimal dining room floor
Thassos Snow white Greek marble installed in a dining room floor
Rectangular Thassos white marble tiles applied on a minimal dining room floor
Thassos Snow white Greek marble installed in a dining room floor

We can offer specialized professional advice, according to the needs of every project, supporting every single step of the process. We are currently running 10 active quarries, where numerous marble stones are quarried every day, with most of them being white marbles. We are an integrated group of companies for quarrying, processing, and trading of marble products (slabs, blocks, marble tiles, and marble mosaic tile). We run a privately owned quarry on Thassos small island, in northern Greece, with cutting-edge mechanical equipment that raises our production dynamics even more and gives us the opportunity to offer our clients more choices with no risk for every project.

Fill in the contact form, so that I or a person from our experts’ team can guide you through every step of your own project.

If you’re looking to learn more about marble products and natural stones, Stonegroup is here to help. As one of the most well-known marble suppliers in Europe, our team can answer any questions you may have about the production process and how to best take advantage of these materials. And if you’re still unsure about whether to contact us, we invite you to explore our blog and read additional articles to gain more insight into our expertise. Ask us how you can get free access and shop from our warehouse stock and Book your personal visit online.

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