8 reasons to choose Thassos white marble tiles for floors


Everything you should know about Thassos marble before choosing tiles for your indoor or outdoor floor areas

In modern constructions, various building materials are used to design floors. Apart from functionality, the floor covering must also satisfy the aesthetic requirements. The superiority of natural materials, and especially decorative stones which add luxury to the space and ensure durability over time, is undeniable. However, other building materials are also chosen, such as concrete, steel and wood. Each of these has different strength, weight and durability, which affects its installation. Lastly, cost and aesthetics are the final factors that influence the choice of floor material, both for professional and residential areas.

Why choose natural marble stone for flooring

As a favorite material for architects, designers or decorators, marble creates patterns and varied geometric designs and colors, thus adding a unique luxury to any space. From white marble, that gives a sense of purity, to colored marble, with the most playful mood, marble is used to cover the floor, leaving an indelible mark. Its high durability, combined with the correct maintenance and finish, guarantees its timelessness. It is an excellent insulating material, staying cool during the hot summer months and maintaining its thermal properties during the winter. Finally, it is easy to clean and has hypoallergenic properties.

Photo from a Greek quarry, owned by Stone Group International, with Thassos White marble
White natural material, Thassos White marble, photo from a quarry, with layers
Image of the Greek natural stone quarry of the Thassos white marble, with blocks, machinery, and layers
Thassos white marble quarry in Greece, by Stone Group International

What you need to know about Thassos white marble tiles

Every Thassos Snow White tile adds brightness, sophistication and elegance to an area, giving it the illusion of spaciousness. This white particular marble is quarried on the island of Thassos, in Northern Greece, and is justifiably so, characterized as the whitest marble in the world. Its pure appearance, without veins and spots, as well as its crystal color, generates high reflection in the sun. Thassos Snow White is a favorite material for architects and decorators, as it enables them to create classic, as well as contemporary style surfaces, with the guarantee of resistance to moisture and heat.

Luxurious living room rendering with the Greek natural stone Thassos White marble quarried from Thassos, and minimal decor
Greek marble Thassos White, ideal for flooring projects, and a wide range of uses
Thassos white marble flooring with marble pieces quarried and shipped from Thassos
Greek marble Thassos White, image with floor rendering in bright white color

The combination of natural stone and white color brings light and freshness to the space, so that any surface finish (polished, honed) is done simply to highlight its purity and brilliance.

Thassos Snow White tiles, thanks to their variety of dimensions, allow for a wide field of creativity. 👉 Here you can see the dimensions of Thassos Snow White tiles, while 👉 here your available choices of marble mosaic tile pieces. Note that there is the possibility of adapting them to the dimensions and needs of each project.

Infographic with the eight reasons why you should choose Thassos White marble, suitable for a range of installations
Image of an infographic, from Stone Group International, about the 8 reasons you should choose Thassos white marble

8 reasons to choose Thassos white marble tiles for flooring

The aesthetic and technical characteristics make the Thassos white marble suitable for installation in many places. Let’s see, specifically, why they can be applied to floors.

  1. Its snow white color is unique worldwide. The round and oval calcite crystals give Thassos white marble its unique crystalline snowy color, while at the same time, allow it to naturally reflect light and directly connect with the space.

  1. It has a unique look that radiates purity and shine. Here it is worth noting that marbles, as we know, can accept many surface finishes, such as polished, honed, antique, sandblasted, sagre, etc. In the case of Thassos white marble, the finishes that we recommend and are preferred by architects, designers and end customers, are usually the polished and the honed. This is because this specific natural rock has such an appearance that no one wants to significantly change its look and feel.
Minimal living room rendering with Thassos White marble natural stone on the floors, contributing to a contemporary design
Thassos white marble in living room rendering, showing its uses in different size of tiles or as a mosaic for your floors
  1. It makes a significant contribution to the design of the space. The choice of Thassos white marble as a floor material takes on a central role and shapes the design of the rest of the area. It fits both traditional and contemporary decor styles, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch to any space. Moreover, it manages to highlight the floor of any small or large surface (kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, hotel reception areas, corridors, other decorative pieces etc).

Learn all about the whitest marble in the world: quarries, types, quality selection, finishes, technical characteristics, uses and applications in architecture and design.

Living room rendering with Thassos white marble on the flooring blue couch and minimal furniture
Rendering from Stone Group International with white marble surface quarried from Thassos Greece
Rendering image of indoor surface with Thassos white marble
Rending showing Thassos white marble applied on home flooring
  1. The strength and durability of Thassos white marble, along with its technical specifications, allow it to be resistant to wear and tear, daily use and time, and make it suitable for flooring, on both indoor and outdoor areas.
  1. The security offered by Thassos white marble regarding humidity, because of its technical characteristics, guarantees its safe use on floors in areas with moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
Rendering image of a dining room, with Thassos white marble quarried from Greece
Dining area rendering with Thassos white marble on the floors, to create a minimal space with high aesthetic
Everything you need to know before choosing the right marble for your floors
Floor with white marble tile pieces and minimal furniture in natural colors
  1. It has the property of acting as a thermal insulation material. Its technical characteristics prevent heat transfer, which makes it suitable for uses that entail temperature changes, such as kitchen countertops and fireplaces.

  1. The variety of available dimensions of Thassos white marble tiles enhances the overall style of the space. This is because, very simply, the choice of the right tile size affects the aesthetics of the floor.

  1. For all the above reasons, the application of Thassos white marble on a floor is an investment and increases the value of the property to which it is applied.

In our shop you can find a wide range of Thassos white marble tiles and mosaics, choosing different size dimensions and polished and honed finishes.

Marble slabs in outdoor warehouse owned by Stone Group International
Marble slabs in a range of sizes and materials, Thassos White marble included, arranged in an outdoor warehouse in Greece

At Stone Group International a large amount of Thassos marble is quarried every day and shipped around the world as blocks, slabs, tiles and mosaic pieces. As far as the production and processing of tiles and mosaics, we have the necessary facilities and the most modern infrastructure to offer you the dimensions you desire. If you have any questions about the specifications, dimensions, installation, or combination of Thassos marble tiles with other materials, contact our experts. Our highly skilled and experienced staff is always ready to advise you and suggest the appropriate solution for the project you have undertaken.

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