5 reasons to choose Green marble for your next Luxury project


Coloured Marble in Architecture: Applications of Green marble in interior & exterior design

During the late Classical and the Hellenistic periods, coloured marble started being widely used in luxurious palaces, mausoleums and complete interiors.

Combined with gold and silver, as well as other precious materials, coloured marble was used to highlight social status. The Romans found coloured marble to be very appealing and so they imported green, red, grey and black marbles from Greece. They used coloured marbles in grandiose private residences and luxurious villas, from columns to entire walls and floors.

The love of the Romans for coloured marble proved to be timeless, as their aesthetics have influenced architecture and interiors up to modern times and the use of coloured marble became more sophisticated. Significant buildings were created with beautiful, coloured marbles, from the Pantheon in Rome, dated to 120 A.D. to the Barcelona Pavilion in 1929. The eminent architect Mies van der Rohe, created one of the most significant exhibition buildings of the 20th century that showcased a free-standing wall made of red onyx, as well as green Tinos marble.

Colored marble is widely used nowadays, in stunning luxury interiors, from vanity areas of bold powder rooms to imposing wall cladding and lavish floors.

Green Marble: what it is and how it is created

The composition of marble stone is formed by calcite or by the combination of calcite and dolomite. Green marble is composed by a high concentration of minerals serpentite and chlorite, as well as lower concentration of calcite and magnetite. The stunningly rich green colour of a variety of tones is interrupted by light coloured veins that are cracks filled with calcite. The mineral impurities of green marble create beautiful hues of dark to light green, as well as forest and emerald ones

Green Marble Applications in Interiors and Exteriors

Green marble is a versatile stone, used in several ways. The fact that this natural beauty is a timeless and durable material, makes it an excellent choice for marble flooring, marble kitchen countertops, or even wall cladding.

Lately, green marble is not only used for a kitchen remodel but it is also used for the creation of high-end decorative accessories like trays, lights and a wonderful collection of small objects that offer a feeling of luxury within any quality interior space.

Bedroom with a bookmatch of green tinos marble slabs over the bed and modern furniture in gray colors
Stylish bedroom with book match slabs of green tinos marble stone, from Stone Group International

Architects and designers integrate green marble stone in their designs when they wish to create something unique and elegant that states prestige and power. Furthermore, the green colour expresses prosperity, vitality and renewal and homeowners love the lavish results.

Green marble is a wonderful stone for rejuvenation centres, spas and healing spaces, contributing to a tranquil and calming environment, as it brings nature indoors, especially when designed in conjunction to water elements.

Tip: 💡 To avoid any stains on your marble, make sure you seal the surfaces for a regular maintenance.

Take a look at photos of Veria Green & Tinos marble blocks, slabs, tiles & mosaics.

5 Reasons to Choose Green Marble stone

  1. Green marble is a great option for sophisticated and timeless interiors and creates a stunning focal point in combination with warm walnut furniture colours in a living space.

Tip: 💡 For a less classic look, match green marble stone with vivid colours like yellow or pink paint.

Unique bedroom with veria green marble from Greece, wall cladding bookmatch with white veins
Bedroom with veria green marble from Stone Group International bookmatch wall cladding for a luxury effect
  1. An exciting combination of green marble stone is also with metallic elements in silver, gold or bronze, according to the design scheme of the interiors. These rich finishes bring out the stunning veins of green marble and create a wonderful contrast to the rich green background, in a kitchen, a bathroom or a gray living room space.
Stunning bathroom with green marble with veins installed in the walls and floors
Veria green marble, applied on a bathroom, suitable for wall cladding and flooring projects
  1. In bathrooms, green marble stone can be applied on the walls of the shower area and elevates the design when also used on wall niches or shower built-in seating.

Tip: 💡 Furthermore, a total green marble look on bathroom walls and floor creates a stunning, timeless result.

Modern kitchen space design with veria green marble huge slabs with veins on the kitchen countertop
Veria green marble with veins used on the kitchen countertop adding warmth in the kitchen area
  1. In the same manner, for a kitchen remodel, green marble countertops highlight the cabinets when used as a countertop and even backsplash, either they are in a beautiful, shiny white lacquered finish or in a rich wood colour.

Veria Green or Tinos marble stone countertops will add warmth and character to a kitchen island, as opposed to a granite countertop that has a colder effect.

If you have yet to decide whether you prefer marble or granite, then our article ‘’Marble vs granite? Which is more suitable for kitchen countertops, floors and bathrooms?’’ could be of real help to you.

Check the 6 best Greek marbles for kitchen countertops and many marble countertops pictures.

Tip: 💡 To prevent any damages by heat, make sure you always use a special surface to put your hot pots and pans on.

Veria green marble used on the floor of a living area matched with a couch in bright pink color
Beautiful living room with veria green slabs on the floor, an amazing attribute to a dark hued design scheme
  1. In a dark hued design scheme, green marble stone can be an amazing attribute to the overall design if applied on the floor of the entrance area, on the entire marble flooring of the living room or on the fireplace surround wall.

Tip: 💡 To avoid any further maintenance on your green marble floor, wipe off any liquid drops before turning to a stain.

At Stone Group International, one of the leading manufacturers & natural stone suppliers, beautiful Veria marble and Tinos green marble are available, as are white, gray and coloured marble blocks, marble slabs, tiles and mosaics. They are all suitable for any application in your interiors or exteriors.

Furthermore, a team of experts with deep knowledge on the marble stone material and the current needs of projects, can guide you and help you choose the appropriate marble for your next project.

If you’re looking to learn more about marble products and natural stones, Stonegroup is here to help. As one of the most well-known marble suppliers in Europe, our team can answer any questions you may have about the production process and how to best take advantage of these materials. And if you’re still unsure about whether to contact us, we invite you to explore our blog and read additional articles to gain more insight into our expertise.

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