1st Prize in the “World Category” for 12 Mythic Marbles


“In the World” category of Best Communicator Award 2014, the first Prize was granted to STONE GROUP INTERNATIONAL, with the project “Breathing Life into 12 Mythic Marbles” by architect Michalis Theofilou. The award received the President & CEO of SGI, Ioannis Antoniadis. A prestigious jury has been appointed for the Best Communicator Award for exhibitors attending Marmomacc and Abitare il Tempo who enhanced the importance of their exhibition space and exhibits as a means of communication. They awarded Stone Group International for having “created an evocative set-up capable of combining the myths of ancient Greece with contemporary stone processing”. Company’s marketing department along with the associate architects of Archkt Ltd and dolphins // communication design applied Moire Technique under Gestalt Principles (first time in such big dimension of marbles), to create “12 Mythic Marbles” projectile motion, activated every time by visitors steps. They have transformed company’s Booth into a theatrical scene of 144 sq m, where an art craft work force created the leading actors, the “12 Mythic Marbles” sculptures. Behind them, a unique visual movement displayed their aerial figures and their sculpture enactment in an unforgettable way. The team thought of marble’s role not only as something static, tough inside, cold and isolated material as being referred according to its geological resources, but also as energetic “universe of value”.

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