Associated Companies

Marmor SG SA

The company was founded in 1981 and operated under a different name until 2009, when it was renamed “Marmor SG SA”. Two years later, it adopted the commercial distinctive title “Stone Group International” under which it still operates today.

In 2015 it proceeded with the acquisition of the company Vermion, which today has fully absorbed, while in 2016 and 2017 it acquired 50% of Birros Hellenic Marble SA and 70% of Karmar Quarries SA respectively.

The company employs more than 300 employees in all its facilities in Thessaloniki, Veria and Kavala.

Birros Hellenic Marble SA

Birros Hellenic Quarries is one of the leading marble extraction & processing Groups in Greece owned 50% by Marmor SG SA, member of Stone Group International (SGI) and 50% by Mr. Ioannis Birros, an entrepreneur, with long experience in quarrying activities.

Its leading position has been accomplished through continuous investments and the ability to adapt to new challenges.

The high extraction capacity ensures constant product availability and deliveries.

Karmar Quarries SA

The company was established in 2007, in the municipality of Drama, in Northern Greece. Over the past 12 years, the company transformed into a modern, state-of-the-art marble company. The company is proudly employing a staff of more than 70 persons at various levels.

In 2018, the company joined Stone Group International, one of the largest group of companies in quarrying, processing, and trading marble in Europe. Nowadays, Stone Group International holds 70% of Karmar through Marmor SG SA.

Its privately-owned quarries, where Volakas Haemus, Elba Blue, Elba Grey, Electron, Vox, Prima and Aella marble are extracted, are located in the world-renowned marbles bearing areas of Volakas and Ochiro, near the Granitis area in Drama, Northern Greece.