About Us

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About Us

Our Story

Our history spans nearly four decades. Since our foundation in 1981, our company has made great strides, expanded internationally to become a pioneer in the global stone industry.

Today, we are a vertically integrated group of companies, with compete organizational structure, that includes Sales, Marketing, IT, HR, Logistics, Procurement/Sourcing, Production and Financial departments, active in quarrying, processing, and trading marble all over the world with a dynamic presence in more than 80 countries.

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Our Culture

A company culture is shaped by the attitudes and the behaviors of the company and its employees. In an organization, people express themselves through culture, and it is culture that ensures they interact and cooperate harmoniously.

F Culture embodies all the values we feel strong about in our company, and F is apparent in the way we work and cooperate with each other, with our partners and our customers.

F Culture reflects how we do things here, in Stone Group International.


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We have 8 privately owned quarries and have signed agreements with a plethora of quarries for raw material exclusivity. White marble constitutes the major part of the production from our quarries.

The number of our quarries allows us to guarantee large reserves of important and widely known materials. We can thus immediately satisfy the needs of our customers worldwide and safely and consistently respond to large construction projects around the world.

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Associated Companies

Marmor SG SA

The company was founded in 1981 and operated under a different name until 2009, when it was renamed “Marmor SG SA”. Two years later, it adopted the commercial distinctive title “Stone Group International” under which it still operates today. In 2015 it proceeded with the acquisition of the company Vermion, which today has fully absorbed, while in 2016 and 2017 it acquired 50% of Birros Hellenic Marble SA and 70% of Karmar Quarries SA respectively.

The company employs more than 300 employees in all its facilities in Thessaloniki, Veria and Kavala.

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Our company’s main facilities cover a total area of 84,000 sq.m, from which 25.000 sq.m are indoor warehouses that are mainly used for the storage of all white marble.

Our headquarters host five key production departments:

  • Slabs’ processing & production line
  • Tiles processing & production line
  • Mosaics production line
  • Blocks’ processing
  • Cut-to-size & projects’ production line,

as well as Logistics, Management and HR offices, Production, Project Management and Art Departments, Sales, Marketing and Financial.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Stone Group International Corporate Social Responsibility program aims to contribute to society by engaging in philanthropic activities. 

Our CSR program, nurtured by the values of a genuinely anthropocentric corporate culture, focuses on supporting Non-Profit Organizations and Institutions operating mainly in socially vulnerable groups (children, abused women, visually impaired people, refugees), as well as covering specific educational needs of the local community.

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Our company is active in the


The need for a sustainable world appears to be urgent. Our company responds responsibly to the constantly growing demand for reducing the impact of its operations on the environment, while seeks the best way to meet consumers’ expectations for speed and cost-effective solutions.

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Work With Us

The mission of Human Resources in Stone Group International is to create business value investing in the most valuable resource, PEOPLE. We know that exciting things happen when people have the power to work to their full capabilities.

At Stone Group International we strongly believe that all people contribute to their highest potential, when they are satisfied, well trained, highly motivated and engaged.

If you are interested in joining our Team, please fill out your application in our available positions or send us your CV in the corresponding field.

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