A.I. Automated Tile Sorting System

Meet “Geoffrey”, the first Automated Tile Sorting system in the world

Our daily operations feature “Geoffrey”, an Automated Tile Sorting Machine which constitutes a global innovation. The automated tile sorting system uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning to identify easily and with precision all potential features in several Greek marble tiles, sorting them out accordingly. Upon being sorted, the tiles move on to the final packaging stage, while all data are registered automatically in the SAP-ERP system.

And this is only the beginning. Geoffrey is already in the process of learning more types of Greek marble.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the marble sector

Artificial Intelligence can successfully guarantee the objective sorting of marble tiles. The tiles go through the Auto Sorter one by one, are easily scanned and quickly classified into quality categories in an objective and reliable manner. The Auto Sorter has the ability to identify errors and possible defects in the tiles, as it has been trained in recent years by reading and analysing data from thousands of tiles. The efficiency of the automatic sorter has already reached 95%, while the human factor reaches 73% at best. Further, the automatic sorter is not affected by factors such as lighting or fatigue.

The benefits that a marble tile supplier & buyer receive when the quality sorting is done with AI, are numerous.

For any buyer of marble, whether active in the wholesale or retail trade, construction, or an architect or decorator, Artificial Intelligence can ensure the following benefits:

  1. In this way, buyers:
    • ensure the aesthetic result they dreamed of and
    • get the tiles that accurately meet the specifications of their project
  2. Absolutely objective & reliable quality sorting since it is done automatically and no longer by the human eye.

On the other hand, production and processing companies have, with the use of Artificial Intelligence, all their data in real time. This helps them manage their factory more efficiently and operationally and consequently reduce their production costs.

In the following infographic you may see how we apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the sorting process of marble tiles.