Stone Group marble supplier Hemarus grey spotted marble bricks, veria green marble tiles, and thassos marble floor tiles
Hemarus Grey is a medium grain / crystal, hard calcite marble, whose off-white and greyish background, grey shades, spots, and…
Veria Green is one of the most elegant green marbles in the world. A thin-grain marble that features a stunning,…
Who we are
We are Stone Group International

Our history spans nearly four decades. Since our foundation in 1981, our company has made great strides, expanded internationally to become a pioneer in the global stone industry.

Today, we are a vertically integrated group of companies, with compete organizational structure, that includes Sales, Marketing, IT, HR, Logistics, Procurement/Sourcing, Production and Financial departments, active in quarrying, processing, and trading marble all over the world with a dynamic presence in more than 80 countries.

Our international operations are supported by 5 factories with cutting-edge mechanical equipment in Thessaloniki, Drama, Veria and Kavala, as well as 9 privately owned quarries. In addition, our Group enjoy special and exclusive distribution agreements with a great selection of quarries.

Our products can be found in several executive construction projects, such as in Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Monaco, Australia, Malaisia and many more countries around the globe.

Also, we employ a staff of 500 persons at various levels, while our premises cover a total area of 230.000 sq.m. Production processing in all plants is performed by using the most modern methods, specialised facilities, and technical staff.

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Why us
We are investing significantly in the vertical integration of the production, processing, standardization, and marketing of marble products, so as to provide complete solutions to our customers and to enhance their purchasing experience.
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We are proudly owners of 9 quarries, that are mainly located in Greece, as well as in neighboring countries in the marble-bearing Balkan zone. This allows us to have absolute control of the raw material, immediately satisfy the needs of our customers worldwide, as we ensure the supply of the appropriate material in the necessary quantities and at the desired time.
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We follow the most modern production methods and employ one of the most highly skilled and experienced staff. Production includes primary cutting of the marble blocks and their subsequent processing to create slabs, tiles, mosaics and products of special dimensions (cut to size).
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Innovation lies at the core of our company’s culture. Innovation refers to every small or big change that can make a “difference” and improve both our own and our customers’ daily routine.

Watch the video and discover how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning revolutionizes the marble sector.
F Culture creates an environment in which the employees are the protagonists, prioritizing each one of them and focusing on their well-being as well as their continuous development. F, as a guide to personal and professional success, has a catalytic effect on human behavior, shapes all employee attitudes to the light of corporate values and ensures that these values are essentially embedded in "that`s how we do things around here".
Our culture builds a climate of respect, embraces diversity and encourages employee creativity, through shared values and common goals, creating bonds between the employees in total alignment with the Company`s Vision.".
To build a fantastic workplace for the best.
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