Raw material imports play a significant role for our trade policy


The company has a vast network and access to global quarries & freight carriers, always searching for the most marketable materials based on customer specifications. Company's experienced inspectors travel to the region for selecting the best quality of this magnificent material. Stone Group International has exclusive agreement with the Iranian quarry in order to receive every four months 900 tons of the material.

The Material

"Silver Travertine" is a beautiful, decorative, very hard material, dark grey with silver and lighter beige cream veins in a unique pattern. It is well known, of very good quality and can be used for internal and external spaces in every construction and building project. The stone can be produced in a range of finishes including polished, honed, sawn, tumbled and grit blasted. It also has perfect properties.

Company's Policy

We develop a strategic policy concerning our investment on the Iranian Travertines.  Our company has selected the best range of Iranian Travertines in many colors comprises  of Soraya Red, Lemon Travertine, Cirrostratus (Traonyx), Silver Travertine, Black Travertine,  Walnut Travertine, Noche and Crema Travertine. We build very strong relationships with the best quarries of the country under exclusive agreements. Our local inspectors travelling across the country and report daily the material trends concerning market demands, prices, raw quantities, range etc selecting the best blocks. We aim to establish a branch in the region. This movement will grant us the ability of constant material availability at the most competitive prices, as well to provide a wide selection of the best qualities of Iranian Travertines with the best precision in meeting the enormous market demands. As a distinguished supplier of premium quality of marbles & natural stones in 70 countries today, we have adopted highly specific selection criteria in the procedure of processing & promoting Travertine. We work hard to ensure fast deliveries on scheduled times under an aggressive approach to end -product quality control. Stone Group International is always targeting to improve its portfolio and be competitive, estimating simultaneously time, cost and quality. This enables company to have access to regionally exclusive resources, possess huge material quantities and reduce transportation cost. Also, it guarantees very fast deliveries to the clients through reliable means of transportation, logistics and distribution.