Stone Group International and Parallaxi


Stone Group International, participated at "Thessaloniki in a Different Way” through its action “Made in Thessaloniki", organised by Parallaxi, the historic free-press, published for the last 22 years. With their active role, initiatives of urban activism make suggestions for a different confrontation of established perceptions about issues that concern all citizens and the transformation of public space. These are cultural, social, architectural actions that are sustained to the concept of wider synergies. More than 23 actions and happenings, 300 groups and teams, 2000 participants, 400 volunteers and over 150,000 spectators constitute the action “Thessaloniki in a Different Way ”.

History, culture, art, new ideas, youth, urban environment and actions build the profile of the celebrations. It includes dozens of different events around the city of Thessaloniki which are focused on green development and architectural proposals. Among others, the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts are going to create modern sculptures placed in public places, parks and squares. Stone Group International as main sponsor, intends to allocate quantities of marble to be used in sculptures. Materials to be transformed by human hands into modern art, into beauty and elegance.