"Best Communicator Award 2012" to Stone Group International


The first prize "Best Communicator Award 2012", received Stone Group International at the 47th International Exhibition Fair Marmomacc 26-29 September 2012, in Verona, Italy. It is the first time that a Greek company is awarded with this prize, which highlights and rewards in general, design, aesthetical and innovated stands as well as special presentation of the companies participated. The award received CEO, Yiannis Antoniadis.

Stone Group International Booth, extended to 144 sq m and under the architectural design of Michalis Theophilou (ARCHKT LTD), highlighting company's philosophy as "a Piece of Greece". The skeptical of the award focuses, according to the Committee, on the implementation of an idea that has been developed on a horizontal scale with geometrical lines, based on the triptych communication, information and materials, but mainly in the "feeling" by the space itself as a three-dimensional model, where there is direct interaction of human factor and motion with the natural material. Company's booth, visited 270 customers from 51 countries, who were informed about all activities, new products and attended business meetings.