1st AWARD EBGE 2014

Graphic designers team dolphins//communication design, received the first prize in the category of Advertising-Illustration for the visualization of our concept "12 Mythic Marbles" in the context of Greek Awards Graphics & Illustration (EBGE 2014). Dolphins received a total of four awards in four categories.The awarded visualization was applied on the reliefs of our new concept of "12 Mythic Marbles".In this project are involved the designers V. Papadopoulos & A. Tsaboukas(dolphins//communication design), the architect M.Theofilou  (Archkt Ltd) and the initiator of the entire concept having also the oversight of the project, designer Iosif Iosifidis.

Under company’s auspices Marketing Department searched widely for every myth of every region the materials are extracted, in order to name the marbles and connect them with a Mythical Hero. A skilled workforce used innovative mechanical equipment to construct marble reliefs of two meters each. The team tried to render a visual narration of myths and their heroes. Each relief logic was not to attribute faithfully an image but mainly to highlight modern geometric volumes reflecting a material, a place and a story. They act as a bridge between the ancient and present time.