Stone Group International participates every year in VITORIA FAIR Brazil

For 2014 edition, company’s presentation according to organizers followed the form of an interview.The company presented its new collection of “12 Mythic Marbles”, comprising exclusive & unique materials reflecting Greek Mythology. The marbles displayed in a unique way of reliefs two meters each and gained admiration from clients and visitors. Mr St.Tzanidis, company's sales director and the sales area managers for Brazil S.Mitsopoulos and for Latin America J.Terzis, informed clients from Brazil and all over the world, for the new collection, the whole range of up to 300 different materials the company handles & company's further expansion and strategic development.

(Company's Statement for Fair Official Portal).

-What are the new products, services or solutions that your company will exhibit at the fair?

Stone Group International, one of the leading marble companies worldwide with export operations in 63 countries, is going to present “12 Mythic Marbles”.A brand new concept is focusing on our exclusive disposal of the most elegant construction material of architecture. The whole idea is to connect these beautiful stones with the Greek myths and their extraction regions. These distinctive and unique marbles are Veria Green, Nessus, Draco, Tannoti Green, Perseus, Era Silver, Volakas Haemus, Olympia Red, Titanium Black, Thassos Snow White which are reflecting hellenity as “a Piece of Greece”. The selection mirrors company’s strategic policy for promoting high quality materials through its quarries and exclusive agreements. Company’s customers will also have the potentiality for the exclusivity of the materials for their region.Stone Group International is aiming to specify “12 Mythic Marbles” to worldwide building projects.

-In strategic planning, is there an investment project that the company has made this year? 


Stone Group International operates through innovative and advanced mechanical equipment promoting production development to all stages. The company owns all the appropriate machines to provide high quality products and constantly invests in new machinery. Its new Tile Line machine is going to form a whole integrated line production and processing of marble tiles. The company expects to add significant value to the end products, especially in terms of quality and dimension accuracy. Also, to achieve maximum efficiency, product capacity, delivery in scheduled times, expansion in new demanding markets.

New Offices & Functional Upgrade

Company’s new master plan for its new offices expansion is already running, aiming to provide better functionality and aesthetic image. The project follows an open planning of tasks, regarding production process, better access, parking, loading and storage. It also includes the construction of new warehouses and visitor spaces, meeting rooms, pedestrian walkways, resting areas, cargo corridors etc

 -For the company, what is the importance in participating at Vitoria Stone Fair 2014 / Marmomacc Latin America ?

Participation in all major international trade fairs is basic component of company’s strategy. Vitoria Fair is one of them with the presence of the biggest clients worldwide. Stone Group International aims to meet partners and company’s leading clients in Brazil, further expand in the country, proceed in new agreements, augment and strengthen its brand name and the motto “a Piece of Greece” worldwide.

 -History and Company presentation:

Stone Group International is operating in Thessaloniki- Northern Greece since 1981. Today is one of the leading companies in processing and trading of marble, granite,  natural stone & marble quarrying in Greece. Exporting in 72 countries worldwide, the company is committed to achieve high standards of corporate governance, which is vital to its export strategic expansion in order to become one of the largest companies.

Strategic investments and takeovers, composed administration and management structure, regional cooperation & export-oriented philosophy reflect its dynamism and its entrepreneurial code.

Company’s people and skilled staff, an international network of representatives, huge material stock, material exclusivity & advanced mechanical equipment, have a significant contribution to its recognition globally.

Furthermore the company:

-Is currently the largest exporter of Thassos & Sivec tiles and slabs and one of the largest companies in Cut-to-Size.

-Participates in large construction projects.

-Strengthens all its competitive advantages of changing trends in natural stones.