Stone Group International was among the companies invited to participate to “Stone Week” from 30th May to 4th June 2016 in the new Stone Gallery of Breitwieser in Tulln, Austria.

Breitwieser collection includes now more than 600 different types of natural stones. With the construction of Austria‘s largest showroom for natural stone, "Stone World", the company provides to its customers an impression of the diversity of the special field of natural stones, in an area of 6.500 m2.

“Stone Week” presented a varied daily range of well-known luxury brands and exhibitors on all the areas of the two floors of the new showroom.

The event was dedicated to “Day & Night of Architecture and Design”, welcoming especially architects and designers for presentations by international brands like Diesel Living, Moroso & Co. Among the companies that participated presenting their profile and products were Stone Group International, Rossittis, Antolini, Levantina, Metamar, Cameo, Bisazza, Sicis, Extremis, Lapitec, Marmotex, Apavisa.

Stone Group International has signed a special agreement with Breitwieser to display its main products in the new showroom. Architects and clients will have the chance when visiting the gallery, to experience Pirgon white marble range from Stone Group own Birros Hellenic Marble quarry, the awarded collection of “12 Mythic Marbles”, Vermion white marble, Pelagonia, Tannoti Green, Arctic Grey, Thassos Snow White exclusively by Stone Group International.