Stone Group International at Izmir Fair 2013


Izmir Fair, considered to be one of the Leading Global Event For The Natural Stone Industry. 
The company constantly takes part in the most significant fairs abroad following an important strategic trade and export policy, which offers the opportunity for economies of scale. In Izmir 2013 the company participated  in an aesthetic pavilion 18 sq m, displayed the best of its marbles in quality and variety.
The sense and impressions from the meetings and the whole event in general was very positive. International markets, show already a tendency for more quality materials and more demanding projects, according to global standards for sustainable development. By broadening it's market target and by strengthening it's worldwide relationships, Stone Group’s executives managed to achieve higher profits, closed important deals, evaluated new export activities, used new mass media technologies and benefit from market diversification. The firm increased it's clients, it's export knowledge, gained experience and cultural ways of entrepreneurship.