Stone Group International along with Birros Group-Hellenic Marble Quarry (Dorika Marbles SA) member company of SGI, participated at the 15th China Xiamen International Stone Fair held on March 6-9.The executives and the area sales managers had significant contacts and agreements with clients from Asia Region mostly.They presented our new material, Pirgon marble in its range. Visitors and clients admired our booth, being architectured like a quarry layer, where Pirgon marble and "12 Mythic Marbles" were the protagonists who captured the impressions.

According to the organizers, within the past 15 years exploration, Xiamen Stone Fair has become a great platform for manufacturers, sellers and buyers of stone industry from around the world to source an astounding array of stone products and services, as well as the very latest technologies and innovations. One of the highlights of Xiamen Stone Fair 2015 was the well-organized national pavilions including Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, Oman, Egypt, France, Finland, Portugal, Greece, India and Iran. Most of the Pavilions have further expanded their exhibit space to display their exclusive products.