Raw Material Control & Exclusivities

Our quarries include Pirgon-Hellenic Marble Quarry, Vermion White, Veria Green, Pelagonia, French Vanilla, Pigues. Besides our own quarries we have also established raw materials exclusivities along with the control of the extracted quantities of Era Silver, Thassos Golden Radix, Titanium Black, Artic Grey. We control the only Snow White quarry of Thassos.

We invest extensively in new quarry takeovers and new exclusivity agreements both in Greece and worldwide, with particular emphasis on the procurement of prime quality raw materials and the provision of excellent marbles to our clients. Inspection of raw marble blocks prior to shipment is the main step in further expediting the selection process.

Once we complete our inspection, we are kept fully informed as to the status of our materials and the expected arrival date at our factory. We take this responsibility seriously in order to avoid external visual material defects and to ensure that we meet our quality standards and our customers’ specifications. Since the product is a natural material and there are differences between blocks, our local inspectors provide all the details for better preliminary selection.

We process raw material in the best way and promote it exclusively to our clients guaranteeing constant availability and high quality.

Our quarries are not regarded as simply places of marble extraction but places that have preserved Earth's Memory. Their materials, which often having their own rich stories to tell us, are used in thousands of construction projects worldwide. Some are prized for their white purity, others for their clarity and others for their color, veining and innate beauty. The new concept of “12 Mythic Marbles” is developed within this framework.