We are becoming a diversified marble company worldwide


Our corporate policy determines the formulation and implementation of our strategy globally. 

We are an exemplary model of a Greek company as “a Piece of Greece”, promoting the embrace of strong extroversion & entrepreneurship in 85 countries.

We handle a large range of white and colored marbles from Greece and all over the world by means of our own quarries, quarry purchases for competitive products & quarry agreements for product exclusivity. We specify our materials to the architectural community and we are main suppliers of large international building projects through our clients.

We analyze each market, and excel at seeking out optimum opportunities. We constantly increase our customer base in total and per country and we are main suppliers to the biggest clients worldwide. We have developed a strategic network of Area Sales Manager and Representatives and we participate in major international stone fairs.

Our Marketing Policy combines all the necessary actions concerning our overall image (new catalogues, brochures, packing, clothing, sampling) and the use of web and media tools ( blog, monthly e-Newsletter, social media, press releases, interviews etc). We communicate our new awarded campaign of “12 Mythic Marbles” worldwide by promoting these exclusively Greek marbles in relationship to the Mythology associated with their specific place of origin.

We innovate with constant investments in state of the art mechanical equipment and we expand our commercial capabilities to new customers and regions, always exploiting a wider range of market opportunities.