Innovative Facilities Operation

Our plant in the Kavalari Industrial Area, covers 12.000 m2 of the 50.000 m2 company premises. It includes the Administration Offices, three Production Departments, a Project Management Department, an Art Craft Atelier, six sheltered and five outdoor Warehouses for blocks, slabs and tiles of white marbles, granites and natural stones. The other two plants are located in Drama and Veria region.

Using their in-depth knowledge, our procurement team ensures the high quality level of raw materials under constant material inspection. Fundamental tools are our Material Database, Barcode System (Architectural and Project Software), Slab Classification by means of slab by slab Pictures, labels and the like.

On the other hand, our Logistics Department serves a complete process involving the integration of material handling, inventory, packaging and transportation. The experience we have gained allows us to avoid market risks and stabilize the transportation cost in the long term.

Our subsidiaries extend to London (UK), Romania (Ploesti), Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco and Egypt.